Some Truly Unique Ideas For Anniversaries And Valentine’s Day (It’s Creeping Up)!

The most important thing about anniversaries and Valentine’s Day is the thought that goes into the gift. Well, after remembering when the date of it is, anyway! You don’t have to spend an absolute fortune to show your other half that you love them, so here are some truly unique ideas that won’t leave a gaping hole in the bank balance.

Gifts that keep on giving                                                                 

If your partner has a real passion for a good cause, then why not get involved with it too? There are many charities that will send you over a ‘thank you’ gift when you start donating with them and so your partner will have something to open too. A great example is adopting an endangered animal, from tigers to donkeys (not quite endangered but still). You’ll normally get a cute, fluffy version of the animal in question and they get updates from their adopted animal too! This idea is a great way to show your partner that you listen when they talk about things that they care for, but also to show that you care too.

Thinking ‘outside the gift box’

It isn’t just about the gift that you give; it’s the way you present it. Handing over a bunch of flowers with the price on is not exactly going to be winning you any points. Think of fun and exciting ways to dress up even the smallest of gifts and it becomes more about the thought than the gift itself. If it’s something small why not wrap it up in layers and layers of boxes? Pop all of the smaller boxes into one large box and fill it with sweets, confetti, shredded paper or whatever else you can think of. Your partner will have a whale of a time trying to get to the bottom of all the boxes.

Some pretty incredible things to do

Some great anniversary ideas actually involve things to do, as opposed to gifts you can give. Adrenaline junkies may want to take their loved on a thrill seekers adventure with activities such as zorbing, sky diving or white water rafting. For the less thrill seeking of us (such as me) there are plenty of other romantic ideas too. How about a wine tasting experience for the both of you? One of the best, unique ideas I’ve come across was a cookery course for a couple. Together you get to cook some incredible meals (this couple went for desserts) and then eat them together afterwards; a much better idea than a trip to your local Italian chain restaurant.

As always with giving gifts, it is truly the thought that counts. Just listening to your partner and understanding what they love and care about should give you plenty of ideas for some astounding anniversary or Valentine’s Day presents.

Jo Lehmann has worked in various industries including event management and personal shopping (mainly for Valentine’s Day gifts)! She knows that it can be tough to think up great gift ideas but personally loves the cookery course idea which can be found at L’Atelier des Chefs.

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