Some Tips From The Expert Wedding Planners For You To Organize A Memorable Wedding

When the biggest day of your life is just a few months away, you start with listing the important things that you should take care of on your wedding day. If you are not sure about how to go about it, then hiring one of the best wedding planners in Delhi is the best thing.

Without their expertise, it becomes difficult for you to organize a perfect wedding. However, if you still insist on carrying out the job yourself, then here are a few important tips, straight from the experienced wedding planners.

Don’t Go Overboard

Make a list of things that you want, and can be practically implemented within your budget.

Choosing the Venue

While searching for a venue, look for the locations such as estates or barns, etc. By doing so, you can cross out the areas that experience heavy traffic. Sometimes, crossing through traffic areas might spoil the mood of your guests and hence, can damage the wedding atmosphere. So, look for the venues that can be reached easily and on time. Always remember not to finalise a venue without making a guest list.


While organizing your wedding, you might sometimes go off the track and try to complete everything as early as possible. This will not only spoil the fun of enjoying every step of your wedding, but will also jumble up the works. Hence, experts always suggest doing one work at a time by planning a perfect timetable. Always remember to give enough room for even minute detail.

After hiring necessary service, next step is to continue the routine of regular follow-ups. If any vendor cancels the order, then you can look for the others within the available time.

Furniture and Its Decorations

Chairs and tables play a key role in decorating the whole venue. The place might start appearing too small once the place is arranged for the number of guest attending the wedding. Hence, look for venues that not only accommodate the furniture and decoration, but leave enough space for proper circulation.

Some places will not offer enough space for accommodating the additional activities that you have hired for the wedding day, such as bouncy castles, photo booth, etc. Therefore, look for the places that can promise enough space for everything.

Keep Your Options Open

Your guests might not like what you prefer to have. While choosing the background score for the wedding, experts suggest fusion of the songs or music that can tempt your guests to get on the dance floor, as soon as it starts. Some places will not offer permission to play loud music after a particular time and hence, you need to find such a place that does not come with any restriction.

Choosing Caterers

You already know that wedding is not a gathering of people belonging to the same age group. Hence, it becomes necessary that you give extra care while choosing the menu for the day. While choosing continental dishes, finalize the one that caters to all the guests, irrespective to their age.

If you think DIY is a little too much for you to handle, then it is suggested that you hire a professional wedding planner right away.

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