Social Networking: Find Your Fitness Buddy.

If you have tried to lose weight or get fit in the past, then you will know just how difficult it can be at times to be able to find the motivation that you need to make the progress that you wish to. One thing that can help you to reach the level of success that you would like to is by finding somebody who would be your fitness buddy. This means that you do not have to go through your journey alone, and as a result of this you are much more likely to be able to do what you are aiming to.
Luckily, social networking provides us with all of the tools that we need to ensure that you can find somebody who you could work well with. This might not always be somebody who you know well; you might find that there is a person who you have only spoken to a couple of times who would be perfect for you.

Group Message Friends
A good place to start would be to send a group message to people who you have added as a friend and see if there is anybody who would be interested in joining you for an exercise session. You should not use the phrase “fitness buddy” at this point, as there is always the chance that you might not be suited for the person that you choose, and this would mean that you would not want to continue exercising with them.
Set Some Rules
When you have found somebody who you work well with, it is important that you set rules with regards to what you are both expecting from each other. For example one of you might want to exercise every evening while the other was hoping for something more along the lines of once every couple of weeks. You can also set rules that relate to the amount of money that you spend on kit and training outside of your buddy relationship as it is no good if one of you turns up with the latest pair of Asics Noosa Tri running shoes, GPS watch and personal training session if the other turns up with only basic kit. This will cause resentment amongst yourselves and therefore will be detrimental to your buddy relationships.
Share Your Workouts On Social Media
You should make sure that you talk about your sessions on social networking websites, as this means that other people might want to get involved. The more people who you exercise with, the more chance you have of being able to find the person who is perfect for you. In addition to this, you might also be able to inspire other people to make a positive change to their life, and this is one of the things that social networking is so good for.
Social media can be used for a variety of different fitness aids. As well as sharing some of your workouts and training plans you can also find out what your friends think of the specialist fitness, running and triathlon kit that you are thinking about buying. The Asics Gel Noosa Tri 8 running shoes were awarded a Runners World prize in January 2013 for achieving the most likes on a Facebook likes competition that they ran.
Your fitness buddy will help you to keep your motivation high even when you don’t feel like exercising at all. This is good, because it is at this point that you may have given up in the past. Use your social networking websites to keep in touch and to find new people to exercise with; you never know when you will meet your perfect fitness buddy.
“Finding your fitness buddy” was contributed by Jess from the Running Bug Forums. Jess is a keen runner and takes her fitness seriously. After losing 20kg of body fat last year using the power of Social Networking she is determined to spread the word. She also writes for the triathlon and fitness website where she tries out some of the latest Asics running shoes. To read one of her latest Asics Noosa Triathlon Shoe reviews see her posts on Else check out some of the fantastic articles on this website.

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