Smart Ways To Increase Home Office Productivity

More computers, fewer commuters – this the current result of the fast-paced changes in the IT field over the last two decades. Since the number of people working from home is increasing dramatically, their work conditions are changing, too. Apart from the type of the computer they use and the Internet speed, the third most important prerequisite for modern telecommuters is a neatly organized home office. The following hacks should help you increase your work output and relieve stress.

Desk Arrangement

A clutter-free work station is the bedrock of every successful home office. Every worker can keep their desk in order if they follow some simple rules.

  • The monitor should take the central position on the desk, in line with your eyes.
  • Keep the phone on the right side on the monitor, or on the left side, if you’re a left-handed person.
  • Go for a wireless keyboard and mouse, to reduce the cable-induced clutter.
  • Leave some free space on the desk, to serve as a work area.
  • De-clutter the desk daily, to prevent piling up unnecessary items.

When your office command station is maintained in accordance with those recommendations, your work flow will be much faster, yielding better results.

Smart Ways To Increase Home Office Productivity

Office Items as Assets

Every single thing you buy for your office and use it for your work tasks should be considered an asset. From your desk and office chair to the filing cabinets and portable hard drives, every investment in home office equipment should be done after a thorough research and detailed calculation. For example, a fresh home worker can start with used office furniture. It will bring a multifold benefit to your home business, like leaving more money in your pocket. On the other side, you can also lease office equipment for the time being and buy new or second-hand items when your business becomes a stable enterprise.
Coziness and efficiency

Organizing your office in accordance with your design preferences is the greatest advantage when you work from home. What’s more, you can make your office snug and beautiful and meet some green standards, too, giving it an ecological touch.

Firstly, seal the windows, by caulking the area around the window frames and adding the glazing mass that holds the panes. The less heat and air is lost through the windows, the lower electricity/heating bills you will get. Secondly, adding shades to the windows is a terribly simple, yet effective detail that allows you to adjust the level of daily light in the office. Thirdly, insulate the floor and cover it with eco-friendly flooring, such as planks made from reused wood. Finally, cover them with comfy flatweave runner rugs to keep your feet comfortably protected all (work) day long.

Storage Rationalization

The fact that your garage is only ten steps away from your home office doesn’t mean you should use this or any other room as a storage addition to the office. Limiting the storage solutions solely to the office space will contribute to better work organization and, consequently, higher productivity. Here’s what you can do for that purpose.

  • Filing cabinets are simply a must. Yes, you should gradually move towards a paperless office, but use cabinets for your papers until then. Also, plastic filing boxes are another option.
  • Ambitious modern entrepreneurs read a lot, so install shelves on the walls to store the books.
  • Collect cardboard boxes from local supermarkets and stash all the things you don’t use every day in them. They’re both practical and eco-friendly solutions for smooth office storage.

Doing your daily tasks in a comfortable home office is already better than working in a small corporative cubicle. When you add ample storage space and a beautifully organized desk to it, you get a state-of-the-art home office that can yield nothing but an excellent business performance.

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