Shopping List For The Third Trimester

Shopping List For The Third Trimester

Now once you have reached the third trimester of pregnancy, the  excitement of purchasing baby clothes would have gone done a little for sure. You might be still browsing and figuring out the pregnancy shopping list third trimester that is more important. With the aid of shopping list during pregnancy you are in a position to understand what to buy and what not. To put things the points come to the fore that we do not forget anything.

Belly band

Once the baby makes an entry into the pelvis, it is obvious that you might a degree of pressure in the pelvis. All this could be alleviated to a great extend with the aid of a pregnancy support belly band. For sure it is going to help you cut back on your neck, back along with abdominal pain. In addition to this you can go on to wear it in a discrete manner under your set of clothes.

Shopping List For The Third Trimester

Feeding supplies

One of the things that you would need is a nursing pillow to support your baby during feedings. Do not forget nursing bras and pads.

Suppliers of diapers

The stock of diapers should be up and this is cloth or the disposable versions. In the first couple of weeks you would need around 10 to 12 diapers a week. You will also need diaper rash  and along with a diaper bag to carry the suppliers wherever you need to go. In case of stacking the dirty diapers you can opt for a special diaper stacking system whereas in case of others  you can opt for a garbage bin.

Car seat

In some countries it is considered to be a law. The baby has to be tucked in nicely when you are in a car. Here you would need to check out the different brands that are available and opt for the one that suits you.

Nursing tops and bras

If you are planning to breastfeed your baby, it does make sense to invest in a couple of nursing bras and then tuck them in your bag. Opt for bras that are not too tight and go on to provide you support.


This happens to be an important gear for a parent. With hundreds of styles to choose from it can pose a challenge for your baby as well. The one with wheels are suggested as the load is lightened and it does make your baby safe as well. Do give importance to the fact on why a stroller is important for you is it for navigating through the busy streets or a stroll in the park. What are the features which are important to you and how much are you willing to spend as well.

Baby extras

In technical terms this might not be needed for babies, but according to some parents it is for sure a must have. An example in this regard is baby monitor which tracks movements of your baby when you are in another room.

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