Senates Reply To Budget 2016

Senates Reply To Budget 2016

With President Obama putting forward his budget proposal for the fiscal year of 2016, mixed responses and opinions have been reported from senators as well as experienced party members. With some seeing it as a move of total oppression and insanity, others have welcomed this proposal as a gift to the suffering classes of America. The budget was announced on the Groundhog Day, which itself is ridiculed by most of the people for the stupid history. The live proposal and announcements were available online and could be streamed through leading channels like CNBC live stream, live and CNN stream. The later responses of various people including common people, businessmen as well as senators could be viewed through cnbc live stream . According to the working class of people, President Obama has finally realised the pain that they have to suffer but the budget has been equally criticized by the special class and the luxury loving class of people. The mixed responses of the various classes of people were recorded and are available online on sites like

Senates Reply To Budget 2016

The new budget has called for the cut of sequesters that have for long resulted in the wastage of money and ask the special interest class of people to invest more in the public interest. This would be made possible by a significant increase in the tax for such people. To this, the most criticizing response was made by the Republican Party who have termed the Budget proposal as laughable and totally ridiculous. Seeing such a response, when a few of them were interviewed, they were reported as saying –

“American people can’t afford a repeat of the same old top-down policies of the past and like the president’s previous budgets, this plan never balances, ever” –  House Speaker John Boehner.

“The budget depicts the lows of Democrats and is truly laughable”- Orrin Hatch.

It was quite clear from the statements made by the Republican senates as well as representatives that even though a few parts of the budgets were going to benefit huge masses and the common people, they were just not ready to support it anymore.

Apart from this, there are many who think that finally after many years of trying to have it all and then failing control over the houses, President Obama has found a way to the heart of fellow Americans and has understood what they go through in their life. Undoubtedly, others have welcomed the budget proposal and are eager to put it to a vote. Some of them have also criticized the Republicans over their response such as –

Sen. Chuck Schumer said, “If the GOP takes this budget and sticks it in a drawer, they’ll be making it crystal clear that they’re more interested in helping special interests than middle class families.

Nevertheless, it is quite clear that the budget proposal has not been accepted by all and is still open for discussion as well as amendments. President Obama has however made it very clear that he is not going to sign a budget that does not extend help to the masses.

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