What Is The Right Gaming Console For Your Kids?

What Is The Right Gaming Console For Your Kids?

With the overwhelming variety of options available today, no parent should feel as if they’re “out of touch” when they can’t decide on which console to buy for their child. Each comes in at its own price point and each has its own plethora of accompanying games and accessories.

Should you take the budget route and buy an older console, or should you make an investment and buy one that won’t have your kids asking for a new device in two years’ time? Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo? What accessories should I buy? There are simply too many questions for you to ask without losing your mind. Here are some basic guidelines to follow to make the process a little easier.

Available Games

Each console has its own specific list of games. For example, Nintendo’s Wii Sports, Mario, and Zelda titles are only available on their own consoles, such as the Wii and Switch. If you have younger kids who would benefit more from age-appropriate titles such as those made by Nintendo, then a Wii would be a good choice.

If you have an older child who prefers more action-packed games, then an Xbox or PlayStation will suffice. Both consoles support the majority of first-person shooters and action series such as Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto. However, the latter should be left for kids that are over the age of eighteen, as Rockstar is known for their raunchy titles.

If you plan on getting an older, cheaper console, be sure that your kid is happy with the choice of games currently available for it, as older consoles don’t receive new titles.


Each console supports a variety of accessories. For example, the PlayStation 4 Pro supports virtual reality headsets such as PlayStation VR, which can completely transform the way your children play games. Nintendo’s Switch can not only stand as a traditional console on your desk but can also be undocked and used as a portable gaming device. Consider the types of games your kids will want to play before anything else, as this will ultimately dictate what accessories they’ll need.


While most consoles are built like tanks and can survive well under strain, they do eventually give up. The Xbox 360 is a big culprit for this and has become infamous for its “red ring of death.” The general rule here would be to avoid buying second-hand devices and stick to newer consoles. Not only for their support of upcoming titles, but also for the fact that they will outlast any older generation console due to new improvements in technology.


Now that you’ve gotten the console out the way, it’s time to figure out which games you want your kids playing. Check out Game Guide World for some information on the latest games. As much as they may have their preferences, it’s ultimately better if you make the final decision as to whether that game is appropriate for them.

Gaming consoles not only give your children something to do when the weather doesn’t permit being outside, but it can also be a learning experience and a social portal with online multiplayer. It all depends on which games you choose to buy.

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