Retaliate Against Cyber Threats With Targeted Threat Hunting

Retaliate Against Cyber Threats With Targeted Threat Hunting

The internet has made our world into a vastly interconnected network of data and information. This has come with a vast amount of benefits, including ease of access to important documents across global business, as well as communication. Unfortunately, it has also come with a host of threats. Malware, spyware, viruses, and numberless malicious software have all come about in recent years, necessitating protective programs to prevent sensitive data from being accessed or damaged. Recent advancements in this technology have given rise to EDR or endpoint detection and response software. EDR takes protection to the next level, using targeted threat hunting and streaming prevention to stop attacks before they happen. Here are just a few of the threat hunting tools made available with EDR technology.

Software That Scales With Your Organization

Your enterprise’s hundreds of thousands of endpoints aren’t any more of a protection than a small business’s, because an attacker only needs to breach one. Your solution needs to scale with your entire organization to hunt and stop attackers. An ideal EDR system will come with unlimited data retention. This helps with investigating long-term attacks with extreme dwell time.

Track and Visualize Attacks

With advanced EDR software, investigations that generally take 78 hours can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. A good EDR program will capture vast amounts of information about numerous events, which will give incident responders a clear picture of what happened. This includes full access to the complete data record of every endpoint, whether it was online or offline. Attack chain visualizations provide understanding at every stage of the attack. This will give you the power to uncover the root cause of attacks quickly, and address any security gaps accordingly.

Hunt Threats Proactively

Most antivirus software functions as a stone wall, blocking threats from entering the fortress that is your network. The problem with that approach is that many cyber security threats come equipped with siege ladders, so to speak. EDR programs use targeted threat hunting, which acts as a stone wall fully equipped with archers ready to stop threats from breaching the wall. The average breach takes 150 days to discover, unless you have a fully staffed team detecting attackers, proactively hunting threats and shutting them down. Use highly advanced software to isolate threats via process tree visualization and fast search features.

Targeted threat hunting is a key feature of an effective cyber threat defense program in today’s environment. With a comprehensive EDR program using threat hunting tools, streaming prevention and more, you are sure to keep your network safe.