Retail CRM Software Solutions To Use In 2018

Retail CRM Software Solutions To Use In 2018

Retail industry is one of the most complicated and huge ones. In addition, retail industry is closely connected with several other industries, fields and systems and controlling every single process here can seem a real nightmare. Yes, it was actually very difficult in the past, but let’s not forget the fact that we live in the era of technological development and innovative approaches turn every industry to uniquely developed ones. 21st century made us understand the real value of customers and their influence on our business growth and success. Customers don’t seek just a product or the final result to be happy any longer, they search for a better service, engagement in the business process, understanding of their needs and goals. And if you don’t provide them with all of these, they will simply turn to other businesses that do.

Retail CRM Software Solutions To Use In 2018

But don’t be afraid, because businessmen have found the way to meet all these demands and optimize their business processes accordingly. Successful ones are implementing CRM software systems, and if you need to manage your business more effectively and improve relationships with customers, keep on reading to choose a Retail CRM system for your unique business.


Bpm’online is an all-in-one retail CRM solution that is definitely the most loved ones by its customers from all over the world. That’s not surprising, as this CRM system covers several fields to be more productive, it aligns service, marketing and sales and provides every single feature and tool for your retail industry to be among the top ones. To have more information on this topic please click here

With Bpm’online you will organize your workflow better, automate your complicated retail programs more efficiently, organize marketing campaigns and be closer to your clients by providing excellent service and support via range of communication channels. By managing your customer data, tracking and analyzing their behavior, buying habits and interests, you will fully have control over your entire customer database and provide perfect customer experience to your consumers, as well as establish long-term relationships with them, which is, in fact, the key to every retail business success! 

Lightspeed Retail

Another good option to consider, and why not implement, is Lightspeed Retail, a system that is concentrated on providing excellent service and boosting your company’s sales. This cloud-based POS solution is suitable for many retail industries independent of their type and size. It gives retailers an exclusive opportunity to manage their customers, leads, inventory, as well as every single business process and have control over the whole database. It has such powerful features as tracking, analysis, customization, as well as a range of integration and personalization opportunities. This retail CRM software solution enables retailers to use integrated, e-commerce solution and always be available via numerous channels.

What concerns support this CRM provides, it is also rather good and is provided on a 24/7 basis. This software is definitely very easy to use, flexible and secure.

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