Restoration with Dock Square Parking Garage: Parking Garages Require It Too

When a person thinks of a restoration project, they generally think of someone trying to reinstate a beaten down, standard car or renovating a run-down home, a person taking a project into their own hands. Usually they do not think about the fact that buildings such as parking garages require restoration as well, after all they are large monoliths of steel and concrete built to endure the weight of dozens of cars and bad meteorological conditions every year.
Nevertheless, that is exactly the situation that necessitates a parking garage to be restored, even though it is built to resist such deterioration; a parking garage is still worn down from the relentless use. If nothing else, a parking garage profits from getting its waterproofing structures touched up repeatedly to keep water damage from aggravating the more regular damage that takes place as strain is put on the floors and supports of the building. Even more significantly, there are always new construction techniques and methods of Dock Square Parking Garage developed that can extend the life of a building that can be functional during the restoration process.
A significant advancement made is the notion of post-tensioning that substitutes the old practice of inserting rebar into wet cement to strengthen it, which while operative was a passive method of fortification that needed concrete to already bounce enough pressure to begin cracking before it begins to help support the construction. Now, a company can yarn steel cords through concrete and anchored on both sides as part of a hostile reinforcement that will support the concrete before it bends beneath the load of dozens of cars. This also permits for the construction company to coat the steel in a shielding layer of corrosion constraining grease that will stop the steel from rusting with the unavoidable exposure to water that ensues in every parking garage as time passes.
After its setting up, un-bonded post-tension structure also permits for easier restoration then it might otherwise receive since, if one of the ‘tendons’ (steel cables) unwinds or breaks, then only that specific cable have to be replaced rather than the whole slab of deck or concrete. Anyone can see that this is better than having a complete floor of a parking garage ripped up to substitute a single section of rusted or damaged rebar, particularly when it provides a cost-effective solution to future difficulties as well.
For many old parking garages buildings, a restoration with Dock Square Parking Garage would not just reinstate their functionality, it would recover it since these new construction techniques permit a parking garage more space between each floor, more creative plan in the placement of structural columns and supports which in turn affect how simple it is to utilize the facility in question. A restoration is not just about restoring an old parking garage to its past glories, it is about making it better for the future and every garage justifies being restored by a skilled and professional construction company in Boston MA, so it does not become an economic sinkhole for whoever owns it.

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