Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Always Try To Compare The Services Of Different Companies To Find The Best Roofing Services

Making good decisions is the key to minimize near and long-term costs related to any home improvement. If your roof has been damaged or is simply getting old, deciding whether to repair or replace it opens up a whole new can of worms. How can one find out whether it’s the time to patch things up, or just tear the lid off and put on a new one? Repair or Replace? Which one is a better option?

In this dilemma, if you will consult any roofing contractor they will initially inspect and analyze your roof condition and then will advise you about the solution. Elements the professional roofing contractors canton Michigan generally check include

  • Determining the condition of the roof and how long it will last if left unattended.
  • They will ask you about the roof leaks like often your roof leaks and how bad it leaks
  • They will check the space between the roofing and insulation to determine if the moisture is collected there.
  • They will inspect about the materials being used and the weather condition.

Once they have the answers to these questions, they will recommend you the findings regarding the roof repair or replacement.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

However, it’s your decision which would be final and if you wish to be armed with insight then you should consider these guidelines for making your decision process easier.

  1. If minor repairs can be carried out before a major rebuild is necessary. Waiting for so long might get you in trouble and you might not have any choice but to replace the entire structure.
  2. Repairs will take less time and mean less spent on labor, materials, and disposal. But the lifespan of the materials used will be about 25% shorter than if used in a new installation. New roofing will let you enjoy the protection of a warranty for materials and labor. Moreover, you also won’t need to worry about reroofing again for a long time in the coming future.
  3. If your roof was installed in near future and now is in a need of few repairs, you must get it repaired. Spending thousands for a new roof when repairs can make it better will be worthless. Repairs will take less time and cost loads less than installing a whole new roof.
  4. Get an idea about the roofing material already used. Different materials have different life expectancies. Knowing what your roof is made of can give you a better idea of choosing between repairing and new roofing.
    Cedar – About 20 years
    Wood – About 30 years
    Asphalt – Around 20-50 years
    Metal – Around 40-80 years
    Tile (Concrete/Slate/Clay) – 100 years or more
  5. If your roof consists of a single or double layer of shingles, and your decking is in good condition, it may not be necessary to replace the whole thing. However, if multiple layers of shingles have been slapped on over the years, your best is to strip them off and recover the surface.

If you still find yourself in a dilemma, it’s better to look for the best roofing contractor in Canton Michigan for their professional opinion. 

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