How To Get Rid Of Red Patches On Skin

red spots on skin

A blotchy complexion is brought about by a combination of different factors such as too much exposure to the sun’s rays, rosacea, hormones and genetic makeup. Uneven skin tone and the appearance of red skin patches is also attributed to certain forms of medication which usually lead to pigmentation scars or pimples or even a combination of both. Red patches are more prominent in the face and neck region. Nevertheless, they interfere with the skin’s natural look, and as such it makes sense to conceal them or better yet, get rid of the completely.

Causes of Red spots on Skin

Besides medication, they can as well be caused by other factors such as birthmarks, blood spots, hives, rashes, insect bites and allergy amongst other causes. Red spots on skin can be painful, irritating and fluid filled- if these symptoms persist, is advisable to see medical intervention. The list of causes of red spots is longer than the list above and as such, it is important to identify the exact cause so as to devise the appropriate treatment or care program. Nevertheless, below are the general alternatives through which you can eliminate red spots.

1. Skin care products

Some skin care product s contains harmful ingredients that might trigger the development of red patches for those who do not have them. Some of these ingredients can also aggravate the spread of the red patches for those trying to eliminate the few spots on their skin through the use of skin are products. Natural nutrient rich skin care products work best at removing skin patches and other skin complications as compared to chemical packed products that tend to lead to other side effects such as rashes, acne, and allergies.

2. Reduce exposure to the sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun leads to the generation of more melanin in the skin region exposed to the sun. As a result, the skin tarnishes and becomes discolored. This makes it more susceptible to red patches and other forms of skin discolorations. If you have to be in the sun for longer that you anticipated, always use sunscreens particularly those with Sun Protection Factor. A good sunscreen can conceal as well as eliminate aftermaths of red spots on skin. If you have to busk on the sun, ensure that you take the necessary precautionary measures by wearing a sunscreen.

3. Maintaining a healthy diet

Following a balanced diet is not only a prerequisite for removing red patches on the skin but also for a healthy skin in general. A rich diet should contain vitamins, proteins and fundamental oils necessary for nourishing the skin. An unhealthy diet, on the other hand, can lead to allergies, dryness, and development of pimples as well as acne. These aftermaths can increase the prevalence and spread of red spots on both the face and the body. A good diet can combat all these by boosting the skin’s natural immunity with the ability to combat these effects. Checking your diet is the beginning of smooth skin.

4. Natural skin care alternatives

Natural products such as kojic acid, lavender oil, mulberry extracts, oatmeal, tomatoes and vitamin C fruits and aloe vera plant can act as astringents that can help conceal red spots. Liquorice extract and witch hazel are also excellent tonners for the skin. These natural remedies also nourish the skin with essential elements and nutrients necessary for its healthy development.

5. Exfoliation

Through exfoliation, the outer dead skin layer composed of dead skin cells is eliminated. It also helps remove excess oil and dirt from the skin’s surface, which can act as inhibitors to the process of concealing or eliminating the red patches on the skin. There are different methods of exfoliation and the choice of a method will be determined by the type of skin on which the red patches are on-exfoliation can be done through chemical means, scrubs and other forms of organic products.


Preventing the appearance of red spots on skin can be a challenging task, but with consistency in skin care programs and products, it is achievable. However, caution should be demonstrated when using skin care products as some contain ingredients that trigger their development. If you already have or is developing red patches on your skin, the above guidelines and tips should provide a starting point. If they do not solve the problem at hand, consult a dermatologist for help and advice.

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