Reasons Why Some Motivational Speakers Fail

You may be interested in becoming a motivational speaker. You have this mindset that you are going to be great all the time and in every event that you go to, you will be applauded and the audience will laugh with you and at your jokes. I have to tell you that this is not always possible. There are a lot of business speakers who have tried their best to be good all the time but even with their best shot, the audience stayed quiet and acted disinterested the whole time. You will know if you have failed as speaker if you would notice the following:

  • The speech that you have prepared did not make an impact with an audience. It is also likely that the speech did not come out the way that you have planned.
  • The audience is not forcing to have any connection with you.
  • It seems that everyone hates you and would just like you to finish immediately.

The main reason why you have failed is not because you are not interesting or not because you did not try enough but because the audience had very high expectations. When you could not reach those expectations, they fail to listen to you already. They would rather do other things than listen to what you have to say. If you are determined to be one of the motivational speakers who do well, you need to avoid doing the following:

  1. Being too generic – Perhaps the things that you talked about with the audience are things that they have already read online. They may also know more details about the topic than you do. When the audience start to feel that they are more knowledgeable than their speaker, they lose their interest immediately.
  2. You Lost Your Point – The audience has to know what your point is. Your audience should always understand what you are trying to say. When you are trying to say too many things all at the same time, this can make the audience feel lost too.
  3. You Have Not Prepared Properly – The audience will know if you have not prepared enough before speaking in front of them. For example, you may have disorganized notes or your presentation is not working. There is also a big chance that you appear flustered and nervous in front of them. Signs that you are not prepared will immediately turn off a large portion of your audience.
  4. Your Humour is Not Appreciated – You know that in order to captivate your audience, you need to make them laugh. They need to laugh with you and not at you, mind you. If you try to joke and the audience members look at you silently, it can be enough to make you feel confused and even nervous about what you are going to do next. The audience also resent the fact that they were not amused by your jokes. They would try to appreciate it but if the jokes are too corny or outdated, nothing will happen. Remember not to use jokes that are potentially offensive to certain people. Motivational speaking should include jokes but the speech itself should not be cantered only on jokes.

In order to be good at what you do, to become a Calgary keynote speaker, you need to learn things ahead of time. Your stage presence should be evident too.

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