Quick Repairs For A Flat Tire

Quick Repairs For A Flat Tire

Remember when all the cars come with a spare tire? Currently manufacturers are increasingly incorporating discarding the spare tire to save weight and thus save more fuel, but often this leaves you with only a kit containing a sealant and a compact 12 volt compressor.

Even with a spare drivers choose to use kits or inflators in pressurized cans for quick repair when your tires are deflated, instead of using the jack, get your hands dirty, and possibly while you have to deal with a difficult climate to predict.

To test the effectiveness of these products bought five compressors kits between $ 19 and $ 79 and three aerosol inflators from $ 7 to $ 10. We found that all are useful if you want to fix the problem and move on quickly.

However, compressor kits are more versatile and have a built-gauge air is useful to maintain tire pressure all year. Anyway a properly inflated spare tire is the best solution.

Our Evaluation

We conducted two rounds of evaluations. First, the tread of the small tires 15 inches was drilled a Spark Chavrolet a nail of 1.5 mm. The second evaluation was performed using a spot of 4 mm.

With these products, you use the sealant sealing the puncture attempts from inside and inflate the tire enough for you to follow your path. Each compressor kit was able to inflate the tire to the recommended 40 psi pressure. But aerosol inflators can only reach 18 psi, so we completed the pressure with a compressor before continuing the journey.

Seal the Deal

Everyone sealants successfully blocked the small hole with the nail and held a tire pressure of 40 psi while the car travelled at least 100 miles over six days.

The Continental compressor kit was the most expensive, but relatively faster to use and comes with enough sealant to repair a wide variety of tires. Fix-A-Flat and Slime Safety Spair were also easy to use.

The Slime Smart Spair kit is not expensive, but it took several additional steps to use it.

Keep in mind that none of these products should be used to seal a hole in the tire sidewall. In this case, the tire should be replaced. Also, any arrangement for drilling is temporary; a professional should fix the tire or should be replaced immediately.

 In addition, sealants leave unpleasant residue inside the tire and wheel and a tire shop might charge you more to fix this problem.

Potentially, the products can also damage the sensor tire pressure monitor, with the risk of making erroneous readings, although some manufacturers claim that their products do not cause problems. According to our tests, the sensor no longer works, but usually must be carefully cleaned.

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