PS5: Everything You Need To Know About Sony’s Next Gaming Console

PS5: Everything You Need To Know About Sony's Next Gaming Console

When it comes to next-generation gaming, we might think about upcoming consoles like PS5, Xbox series X, etc. As the world is evolving day by day so is the gaming community. Recently Sony revealed its upcoming futuristic gaming console PS5. Now what we need to know is that its not an ordinary gaming console. Sony brings us the beast of gaming providing us with 4k blue rays and digital gaming. Now we are coming to some important points.

PS5 Release Date

According to Sony, the new PS5 will be released during Holiday, 2020 in the time between October to December before Christmas. It may be a charismas gift for the gaming community. It also puts the competition against Xbox series X as it will be released at the same time. There are some rumors that the PS5 will be officially released on November 20, 2020. These are rumors but PS5 is expected during the same month.

PS5 Specs:

  • CPU: The new PS5 comes with an AMD ZEN -2 based CPU with 8 cores running at 3.5 GHz frequency rate.
  • GPU: The new PS5 runs at 10.28 Tera Flops and it has 36 CUs performing at 2.23 GHz frequency rate.
  • Memory Interface: PS5 uses 16 GB DDR6 memory interface with 256-bit storing capacity.
  • SSD: PS5 comes with 825 GBs of internal storage and an expandable NVMe SSD slot.
  • External storage: PS5 also has USB HDD support for PS4 games only.
  • Display: PS5 comes with a 4K UHD Blue-ray display.
  • The new PS5 is coming in two versions, one with a 4k blue-ray disc drive called PS5 while the other one without the disc drive called PS5 Digital Edition.


Sony discloses its PS5 new console. The box will come in two forms. One with a disc drive called PS5 and the other one without a disc drive called PS5 Digital Edition.

  • Orientation: The new console is coming in two orientations. It can be oriented vertically as well as horizontally.
  • Both versions of the PS5 include USB and USB Type C port in the front
  • Colors: PS5 is coming with sleek, blue, black, and white consoles.

New Features

The new PS5 is coming with a set of new features and it will surely bring a new generation gaming environment. Some of them are explained below.

Dual Sense Controller:

The new PS5 is coming with an amazing dual sense controller. It is coming with a new gamepad. The game is coming in a black and white combination. The dual sense wireless controller was revealed on April 7, 2020, and the bold combination giving it a diverse look. It resembles the PS5 console design.

Haptic feedback:

The new Sony controller comes with a haptic feedback mechanism. Haptic feedback gives various types of feeling sensations to increase virtual gameplay efficiency. Like driving care through sand will give grittiness feelings.

Adaptive Triggers:

According to Sony, the adaptive triggers makes the player feel stress about the ongoing actions. They further explain it with an example like drawing an arrow to shoot from the bow. This will not only increase the playing experience but also the virtual reality of the game.


The controller also has an inbuilt mic that improves the gameplay experience, letting the players interact more easily and effectively.

Create Button:

The share button is being replaced by the new create button. But the function of the two buttons is the same. According to Sony, this create button will help the players to create content and share it with the other world.


The PS5 is coming with a variety of accessories. It includes

  • A Charging station for the controller
  • HD resolution Camera
  • Media Remote Control
  • Pulse 3D Headset: The new PS5 is coming with a pulse 3D technology allowing players to take advantage of the 3D audio technology of the console


After the above discussion, the main thing is the price of the new PS5. As it is a high-end gaming console, so we can expect it to be more costly than the PS4 as it comes with a variety of new features. There are rumors that the price will be between 450 to 500 dollars but it was confirmed that the PS5 price will be less than the price of the new X box series X.

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