Proactive Plumbing: What To Look For In Your Company’s New Building

The plumbing system in your company acts as the company’s veins.  Without your plumbing, you can’t use the toilet, shower, sinks, washing machine and more; not to mention the fact that you won’t even be able to get water to drink. Checking your plumbing system from time to time is a good way to prevent any small problems from growing into bigger problems, especially right before wintertime. You may also want to think about installing a plumbing access panel if you don’t have one already. Follow these tips in order to maintain your plumbing system.
Check Your Plumbing for Leaks
If any of your faucets are dripping, this can be a sign of a leak. Check all the pipes for signs of leaks as well. Having a plumbing access panel helps with this, as you’ll be able to check the pipes within the walls as well as the pipes that are out in the open. You should also inspect your toilet for possible leaks. Put a couple of drops of food coloring in the toilet’s tank. If after a couple of hours there’s any color in the bowl’s water, then you have a small leak. For professional plumbing services, you can contact professional plumbers in Kingsford, Australia by visiting

Check for Corrosion
Look at your piping and check for any green stains by the shutoff valves or around the brass and copper fittings. Signs of corrosion could be caused by an issue with the pipes or with the water.
Check Your Drains
You will want to make sure your drains are draining at a normal pace. A blocked vent pipe could be causing slow drainage. If bubbles are appearing as water drains out, you could have a problem as well.
Inspect Your Water Heater 
Look at the burner chamber inside your water heater and make sure the flame is blue. A yellow flame signifies that you have problems with the gas-air mixture or a problem with soot. Either way, you should clean the jets. Check the bottom of the water heater for sediment. If there’s sediment present, drain the water heater. Sediment will turn your water hard, which can cause the washers to wear out and can also result in leaks.
Use these tips to check the plumbing system in your business. It’s best to catch any problems while they are still small. Leaks and other problems may seem minor at first, but they can cost you much more than you realize on your water bill. Not to mention that they small problems can result in even bigger, more costly problems down the road. If you don’t have a single plumbing access panel in your business, you may want to think about having a few installed. It will make checking your pipes much easier.

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