Preparation Is In The Packing

Once your holiday is booked, half the fun is preparing for it. But when it comes to packing your suitcase, things can become slightly stressful. We’ve all been there, adding to our suitcase until it won’t close or is over the luggage restrictions and working out what to ditch is a fine art.
Many of us like to be prepared, which is why we’ll pack as many items as possible. But with some planning and forethought, you can have everything you need and maybe even some room to spare.

Here are some useful tips for packing your luggage:

  • Check your baggage allowance before you pack, it often varies depending on your specific tour operator, airline and holiday deal and can usually range from 15kg to 23kg. This will avoid any nasty surprises at the airport and allow you to pack with this is mind.
  • To check you’re within the baggage limits, its well worth investing in a hand held digital scale so you can pack and unpack according to your luggage limit.
  • Fold your clothes as effectively as possible, this should enhance your space and ensure your clothes aren’t creased when you get to your destination. Shoes and heavier items should be above the wheels.
  • Check what’s supplied at your accommodation, if there is a hairdryer or iron in your room then there’ll be no need to pack one – therefore saving you more room in your luggage.
  • Planning is essential – really think about what you’ll actually wear on holiday. If it’s a beach holiday, you’re likely to be mainly in swimwear and beachwear, so do you need many other casual clothes? Do you have adaptable pieces you can mix and match? This is where a list can be especially useful, so you can think about everything you need and stick to it.
  • Wear your heavier and bulkier items to the airport, such as hoodies and jeans. Travel in a pair of shoes you’ll get wear out of holiday and try and make the most out of your hand luggage allowance  (however make sure you stick to hand luggage restrictions).
  • Downsize as much as possible when it comes to toiletries, either choose travel size versions of your favourite products or decanter your usual products into travel size pots. Think about how much you’ll actually need. Alternatively, you can usually buy most toiletries at the local supermarkets in the country for a reasonable price.

By preparing as much as possible and really thinking about your luggage and hand luggage, you can ensure you make the most of the space in your suitcases and travel bags. Investing in the right luggage can make all the difference for your space and weight issues.

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