Pre and Post Surgery Tips

Pre and Post Surgery Tips

Having an operation can be a frightening experience. Whether you’re a veteran of surgeries or are new to being on the operating table it’s normal to experience a great amount of anxiety.

Clear your mind. By clearing thinking through a pre and post surgery plan you can erase many of your worries concerning the procedure.

Pre Surgery

Make sure your dependents are taken care of before you go into surgery. Depending on the nature of your procedure you may need your spouse, children or friend in the hospital to lean on for any number of tasks. Ensure that they’ve cleared their schedule before you agree on a surgery date.

Your surgery buddy should be able to drive you home since many surgeries involve some form of sedation. If you can’t get behind the wheel choose a helper with a driver’s license. Make sure you have assistance in filling your prescriptions before you’re released from the hospital.

You may want your spouse or close friend to stay with you overnight if you’ve received anesthesia. Just in case you experienced a severe reaction to going under you need an adult to be able to call your doctor and the hospital.

Don’t forget to take care of your stomach. Being cognizant of potential stomach problems can save you heartburn and heartache after your surgery as some medications or the procedure itself may influence you to feel nauseous.

Buy soup, ice cream, jello, broth, bottled water, fresh juices and tea to ease a churning stomach.

Pre and Post Surgery Tips

Post Surgery

Before you are released from the hospital review your medication plan with a nurse. Nurses will also share steps for taking care of you with your family. Make sure that both verbal and written instructions are offered in case you forget any steps after making your mental notes.

Depending on the nature of your surgery you may have rehabilitation, social work counseling or nursing services administered before you go home.

Slowly and patiently introduce solid foods to your diet if you’ve had anesthesia to avoid any unnecessary stomach upset. Stick to the aforementioned light foods which are easily digested and bland enough now to unsettle your delicate stomach. Don’t make any critical, life-changing decisions for 24 to 48 after the procedure. Any big decision can wait for a few days until you’re thinking clearly and your judgment is sound.  A nurse will likely call a few days after the procedure to see how you’re feeling.

Take it easy once you return home. Even though you may feel like conquering the world after a less invasive surgery you don’t want to break any stitches and wind up back on the operating table. Take bed rest for the prescribed time frame per your doctor’s instructions. Remember that your body needs to heal before you jump back into normal day to day activities, including working or exercising.

Seek professional medical advice before you consider even having surgery because you may be able to correct your health problem through some other less invasive means.