Planning A Splendid Trip To Shanghai


You’re in China, but not exactly in China. This is the description most of the tourists come up with after visiting Shanghai. This unusual city is a commercial hub, always bustling with activities. Being the largest city of China, Shanghai has always stood out for being unique and culturally diverse. Nowhere in this world would you find such an amazing combination of western and eastern culture. Easily being the most fun city in China, it is a trendsetter in fashion and arts. It is no wonder that the Time magazine has named Shanghai ‘The World’s Most Happening City’.

Planning A Splendid Trip To Shanghai

Traveling to this spectacular city can be very costly, but you can always make use of some amazing Shanghai travel deals. Let’s take a look at some of the travel tips when planning a trip to Shanghai.

1. The Best Time to Travel

Spring and early fall are the most ideal times to visit the remarkable city because this is when it is less crowded with tourists. The peak tourist season to visit is during the summers, despite the scorching heat and humidity. It is advisable to avoid traveling to the city on the Chinese New Year and the National Day Holiday if you don’t want to witness endless crowds.

2. Best Experiences

Shanghai is an attractive city, and tourists will find it hard to make choices when traveling around the city. The Bund of Shanghai is an iconic place with a unique architecture. In the mornings, the place is crowded with early risers ready to exercise while during the evening, people travel there to admire its beauty. The Yuyuan Garden, built almost 400 years ago is an exquisite garden and is a treat for the photographers visiting it. Along the garden are a few buildings and halls marked by amazing architecture. To relive the olden days of Shanghai, you must head to the Shanghai Old Street. Pudong, the Shanghai Museum and the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum are some of the other spectacular attractions of the city.

3. Accommodation in Shanghai

Finding an accommodation in Shanghai can be more costly that most parts of China. One thing to keep in mind is that the public transportation system is well planned and connects to every corner of the city. When selecting accommodation, it is advisable to book hotels located within the Inner Ring Road. Near it, you’d find the best attractions of the city, e.g. Yuyuan Garden and Shanghai Museum. The city has a wide variety of accommodation ranging from budget hotels to the luxurious ones.

4. Tipping

Gone are those days when tipping was considered unpopular in China. As the west has a lot of influence on China, tipping is desirable today. A 3% tip is standard in restaurants. If you decide to tip in US dollars, it is more than welcomed since foreign currency is appreciated.

A trip to Shanghai will give you eternal memories. Shanghai travel deals can help you plan a great trip!

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