PHP And The Reason For Its Popularity

PHP or Personal Home Page is a server-side language for scripting designed for the development of the web. It now stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, a recursive acronym. Even though it is designed for web development, it can also be used as a programming language used for general purpose. The reason why this language has gained popularity with web developers is because it helps them to enhance the functionality and appearance of the websites they develop. PHP is now being used in an excess of 244 million websites and more than 2.1 million web servers. It was originally fashioned by RasmusLerdorf in 1995. The PHP Group now produces the reference implementation of PHP. PHP is incompatible with the GPL platform therefore it is not open to free use and development because of the restrictions placed on the use of the word PHP. The fact that it can be used on almost all web servers simply enhances the importance of PHP.


Benefits of using PHP

Only its incompatibility with the GPL platform gives it a slight disadvantage. But this does not and cannot undermine its other benefits. PHP is the best web development platform as it offers a very dynamic and cost effective way of web development. It is not only easy to understand but also highly cost effective as it is free to use. It is also open to all kinds of development from the PHP community. Since the PHP community is quite large with an ongoing process of development, you can easily get help from a learned and trained professional in this field. In case you can’t get one you can always subscribe to various other online communities and get immediate solutions to all your queries.PHP can be easily integrated with different types of databases. This means that as a web developer you cannot only go for a hassle free development environment but also merge in some really powerful web development tools. Embedding PHP with HTML is suitable and easy. Thus, it makes easier the process of conversion of a static website into a dynamic one.
The platform has some security issues but it is still quite good for an optimum level of security. The wide use of PHP as a web development platform can be easily attributed to the above-mentioned advantages of PHP Development and therefore if you want to be a PHP developer, you can go for online PHP training. All in all, there are little chances that you will come across something that is more pleasing to you than PHP.

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