Photos and Online Shopping: Why They Go Together

Photos and Online Shopping: Why They Go Together

The whole E-Commerce scene in India has exploded in the last few years. It was started by the local company called Flipkart but soon with the arrival of big international names like eBay and Amazon, the online shopping scenario changed drastically, with more people opting to shop online, at the comfort of their own homes.

Although online shopping provides many benefits like an almost unending range of options, easy payments, huge discounts and the luxury of shopping for everything from clothes to groceries from the comforts of one’s own bedroom, people in India are a bit reluctant to shop online as they do not get to see the products with their own eyes before buying. Also, with the arrival of hundreds and thousands of online shopping websites now, every website has to try new techniques to draw in customers, and this is where good professional E-Commerce photography comes in. People looking for products online only rely on photos to decide whether those products meet their requirements or not, so sellers are always looking for professional photographers to click great pictures of their products, and so many people are also opting to join E-commerce photography course in Delhi, Mumbai and other such big cities. Completing such courses provides employment opportunities to such photographers, and also allows companies to decide which photographer is best suited for their job.

In order to properly shoot pictures for an online catalogue or shopping website, some key fundamental ideas need to be learnt, as follows:

Capturing the Subject

In commercial and E-commerce photography, the product and the subject is of utmost importance, the background is not that important. It is vital that all angles of the product are perfectly captured since the item up for sale has to be properly presented to the customers on their screens, since these photos are the only way they can choose and decide which item to buy.

Lighting and Composition

The lighting and composition of the shot is very important while doing E-commerce and other types of commercial photography. Care should be taken that all parts and portions and each and every side of the item or product is correctly highlighted and depicted in the photographs, since the customer relies on the photos to determine the shape, size and look of the product before deciding to buy it online.

Maintaining Dimensions

The importance of maintaining perfect and correct dimensions of the subject while shooting pictures of a product in the frame cannot be emphasized enough. The customer sitting at home can only look at the pictures and guess the height and dimensions of every product, so it is crucial that the correct sizes of the item are captured in the images and that it is not distorted, so as to not confuse the customer.

Commercial and E-commerce photography has become a very lucrative profession with the rise in online shopping websites, so all types of photographers are opting to join commercial photography courses in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and other such big cities to get proper training to pursue this career.

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