“Photos of You” – Tag Photos On Instagram

Instagram is a social media network which allows its users to share photos and keep them engaged in small conversations. Its simplicity is increasing its popularity with a meteoric rate. It is one of the best social media for sharing pictures. Now this picture sharing service has announced its new feature which allows its users to tag photos. This latest feature, called “Pictures of You” has brought even more popularity to Instagram. Tagging photos help its users to share their photos with everyone they want to. Privacy settings in the user’s account may prevent others from tagging photos, but a user can tag people from his followers list.

Instagram users can easily tag any account on Instagram in their photos; be it a friend, family, or a pizza joint. Also those tagged in the shot can customize the photo whether they want it to display publicly or not.”Pictures of You” allows the users to customize the settings according to their wish.

Useful Features of Photo Tagging:


Using this new feature, a user can easily tag photos to places or people and this tagging portrays a moment that has been captured away from “now”. It is one of the most symbolic, greatest and most popular photo capturing and tagging apps that are available today. As the pervious features of Instagram made it more popular among its users, this new feature “Photos of You” will also do the same. This feature was available on Facebook, and now the Instagam users will be able to enjoy the usefulness of tagging photos. http://www.webyoda.org/?product=2500-instagram-followers will obviously help you to get more real Instagram followers on your account.

This feature is quite transparent and user friendly. Option for “Un-tag” photos is also available on the Instagram. Photos are not automatically added to the “Photos of You”, a user needs to individually tag his photo to the people or places he wants to.

Instagram has now managed to impress many of its users with its brand new feature. Before the user uploads the final photo with all the photo tags, Instagram also has an option for all its users to give the final approval of the tagging.

Overall, it can be said that this new feature “Photos of You” is quite subtle but an extremely fun and useful feature. It allows its users to keep constant track of the photos that people add on in a cleaner and that too in a more direct way. This feature can be considered as an additional feature on your online scrapbook.


This new feature of photo tagging is available on Androids and iPhones. Both the users can easily download this feature for better tagging of photos. This app can be downloaded from the Apple store or Google Play Store. This new feature is available on the version 3.5 of Instagram.

So it is clearly visible that this feature has turned out to be really useful and an Instagram user can make full use of it and expand his followers list as this feature helps you to get Instagram followers for free so that you need not buy real Instagram followers to a large extent.

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