Partying Responsibly But Joyfully

It is said the cops in Mumbai will forgive you for all minor misdemeanours but will never let you go scot free if you drink and drive. In a city that is known for its amazing nightlife and multitude of partying joints, it comes as a bit of a pleasant surprise that the police force is vigilantly guarding its citizens’ lives.   If you are returning from one of the many events in Mumbai that are organized every single day, then here are a few things you need to keep in mind, especially if alcohol was served at the event.

  1. Car-pooling is not only environment-friendly, but also a sensible way to travel when many people have to go to the same destination. So, instead of adding to the car parking woes and spending precious currency in filling multiple cars, choose amongst yourselves one person, who can take as many of you as possible in his/her car. The added benefit is, just one person need be sober, and the rest can indulge in their enjoyment!
  2. Electing to have one driver who does is a teetotaller or who has decided not to drink for that evening is a very wise decision. In a large group, there may be some, who generally don’t drink, and it’s no big problem for them to drive after the party is over. But, if everyone in a group is fond of a peg or two, then take turns be the designated owner when the same group meets for multiple events. In that way, one person need not always miss out on his/her share of fun.
  3. When you are at the event, you should try and watch how many mugs or glasses or liquor you have. This is not an easy task! But remember you need to get back home where your loved ones would be waiting for you and that should be motivation enough for you to drink responsibly. Also, take the responsibility to check how much your friends are drinking and ask someone to do the same for you.
  4. The kind of drinks you have also makes a difference. Some people are satisfied with a few mugs of beer, but some don’t consider it a good party until they’ve drained the whole good bottle of whiskey! It is indeed fun to enjoy the finer tasting liquors and unwinding at home, but attending functions and events, which are far, is another matter. Stick to the drinks that have lower alcohol content or have cocktails instead of hard liquor to reduce the effect of the alcohol with some fruit juice. It is also important to have plenty of water after drinking.
  5. Another tip, that can help you drink responsibly, is to eat while drinking. Consuming alcohol on an empty stomach or mistaking hunger pangs for the need to drink can easily be avoided if you eat a little food but at regular intervals.

These tips can be used by people partying anywhere, not just Mumbai. But, if you keep these in mind, you are sure to enjoy more of the vibrant city of Mumbai than you would curl in your bed with a hangover! About the author– The author is a regular invite to social parties and works as a events in Mumbai. Her columns are often featured in eventshigh.

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