On Site Concrete still holds the Ace

You just cannot do without on site concrete making if you want to monitor every process involved in your construction work. If care is not taken, the construction work may lack the desired quality and standard. However, making your concrete on site and on time will ensure top quality of the construction works. Depending upon on site concrete making can even cut down how long you had earlier stipulated for the construction works.

Other benefits to consider

Making your concrete right on site helps limit noise and air pollution. Amount of diesel or petrol consumed will also reduce a great deal. Such equally helps to minimize waste. You will only have to pay for what you have used. The mixing starts right on the job too. As a result, there will be no hot loads.

Many of the outlets making ready mixed concrete do not open on weekends and cannot be accessed after working hours. However, your construction works will never be hampered by these factors when you adopt on site concrete making; you can work conveniently on Saturdays and during those after-hours.

One other beautiful thing about on site concrete mixing is that you can customize the mixes to meet your exact needs at any point during the construction. This is never the case with RMC, which involves the concrete being done with limited input from your end. The onsite mixing of concrete is the better choice for a construction engineer or a building technologist; since it will ensure you have an eye on every process of the concrete mixing.

If you like, you can also add any coloring to the concrete. This further beautifies your construction works and makes your loft conversion ensuite construction work a more beautiful sight to behold. The minimum loads when you adopt on site mixing of concrete is equally smaller. There is never any excess dumping during the loft conversion ensuite construction work, making this an environmentally friendly endeavor.

Furthermore, the concrete used for the loft conversion ensuite can be hand mixed. This permits lots of modifications and make additions very easy. This is one factor that makes this method stand a head taller than RMC. The construction may take a longer time, but it enables you to add extra details as much as you want.

In addition, quality of raw materials used when you make your concrete on site can be properly checked before such materials are used. If you have a small kitchen extension project in the pipeline, it is better to adopt this method, since it will enable you monitor every material used towards ensuring complete quality of the construction.


Since repeated mixing may be involved when you mix your concrete on site, it is the perfect method for small construction projects, like the small kitchen extension mentioned earlier. While it may not be the perfect choice for extensive constriction works, it meets the need of small construction works perfectly. There is no better way to properly manage the construction project than adopting the onsite mixing of concrete.  Such monitoring will ensure the desired outcome of the construction is achieved.

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