Number Plates – 6 Reasons To Consider Going Private

As the years tick by and British Car Registrations see more and more syntax updates, the world of personal registrations is really coming into its own. Once the playing field of the rich and powerful, private plates were at one time notorious for costing more than the average family car. Of course, even today it’s not impossible to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on nothing more than a string of letters and numbers, but what’s better about the situation right now is that you don’t have to spend this much.

In fact, it’s possible to pick up a private plate for no more than you’d spend on a couple of tanks of petrol.

Of course, some would argue that the downside of such availability is the way in which it dilutes the appeal of private plates which used to be nothing less than enormous symbols of status in their own right. For most however, the idea of being able to finally go private is one that’s 100% free of negatives and should be taken full advantage of by all UK motorists.

Number Plates – 6 Reasons To Consider Going Private

Here’s a quick overview of six reasons to consider going private, now more than ever:

1 – It’s Never Been Easier

As mentioned above, the ease by which private plates can be created and ordered these days simply cannot be overstated. It’s every bit as easy as ordering anything else online across the board – all you have to do is log onto the appropriate site, hammer in the details of the plate you’d like and hit the button. What used to involve a long-winded process fraught with complications is now no more difficult than ordering a book, a DVD or any other everyday product online…though remains a heck of a lot more rewarding.

2 – It’s Never Been More Affordable

Also as mentioned prior, what used to be an exceptionally exclusive product the likes of which was reserved for high society only is now well within the reach of anyone looking to spruce up their everyday run-around. It’s one of those things for which you can quite literally spend as little or as much as you like. If you’d prefer not to invest more than a couple of hundred pounds in the venture, you’ll find a ton of options out there. And if you happen to have a couple of million pounds ready to blow on a cherished plate, you’ll find it!

3 – Tens of Millions of Choices

Speaking of choices, what makes the pool of plates so appealing these days is its size – tens of millions of possible combinations are still ready and waiting to be claimed. British plates were once relatively limited in general which is why personal plates were far harder to come by and more expensive to pick up. These days however it’s quite the opposite – almost any combination of numbers and letters imaginable can be used to create a plate that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

4 – Add Value To Your Car

One of the things that hasn’t changed over the years however on the subject of private plates is the way in which they rarely fail to add value to the car’s resale price as a whole. When a car is pictured in an ad with a private plate attached, it automatically conveys an image of a vehicle that has been looked after and treated with care by its owner. The reason being that it’s not exactly common to see clapped-out old bangers with private plates attached, so even if the plate itself will not be sold with the car, it can still help ensure it goes for the best possible price.

5 – Possible Increase in Value

It’s not unheard of for a person to take home a private plate costing next to nothing, only to find a little further down the line that a collector wants to take it off their hands for thousands – tens of thousands, even. This is of course an extreme example, but it is at the same time common for private plates to increase in value and sell on for prices much greater than those originally paid for them. It’s all about making the right choice in the first place, so choose wisely!

6 – Stand Out From the Crowd

Last but not least, private plates always have been and most likely always will be the very best tools for the job when it comes to standing out from the crowd. There may be thousands of other people across the city that drive the very same car as you, but once you’ve slapped your personally-designed personalised plate on the thing, you’re officially driving around in something that’s as unique as you yourself are!

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