No Pain, All Gain

According to studies, 4 out of every 5 people will experience back pain in their lives, and if you are currently living a life of carefree spinal neglect, it’s time to rethink your actions. The simple steps can save you from dull aches and acute pains stemming from on-the-job injuries. The sooner you start, the better your future looks.

Standing Tall and Sitting Straight

There is a reason professionals and nagging grandparents are always on you about keeping your back straight. They know what they are talking about—doctors through study and grandparents through experience. The straight back, however, is not as rigid as you would think. You know that curve between the butt and the spine? Just focus on keeping that straight, everything else will fall into line.


Do you know why your back sides ache after you’ve tried sitting up longer than you’re used to? This is what is known as muscle fatigue. You’ve neglected the back muscles for so long they have fallen to atrophy and can no longer support your spine the way they evolved to. This is where regular exercise comes in. By strengthening those muscles, you will begin to naturally sit taller at your desk.

Lose Weight

We all know lifting heavy things causes back problems, and we laugh at people that do try to lift something they shouldn’t. This is why all those extra pounds hurt the back too. Not only are the muscles deteriorating from lack of use, the entire skeletal support system is having to bend in ways it never should have t  in order to carry around weight that is unhealthy for it on a daily basis. This is why your brain then rewards you so much for sitting down.

Follow the Rules
If you’ve done all of the previous, your final on-the-job back injury issue can then only stem from doing something outside of regulation or being bullied into an unsafe position. If you do not feel comfortable carrying, pushing or pulling something, do not do it. Trust your instincts. So long as you take care of your back, it will take care of you long after you’ve left youth behind.

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