Nissan Micra- Nissan’s Groundbreaking Offering for Indian Roads!

This is era of small cars and companies are releasing super mini cars on competition with each other benefited consumers.  There is huge market for small in Asia countries, especially in India.  People love to buy small cars due to its less space occupancy, low budget, how affordable price range, fuel efficiency, more mileage are some of the key factors playing prominent role is decision making to buy small car.  Nissan Micra is running by the name earned in yester years otherwise this is car has lost many of the qualities, which existed in its predecessor.


There is not much to say about its interior.  Though the manufacturers claim it to have sufficient height, height is minus point here, tall people cannot sit comfortably if they want to travel for long distance it is not possible for them to do so in this car.  Leg room is not enough for both driver and backseat passengers.  Though their advertisement says it is very spacious small car.  Though the car has other sturdy interior with all the basic features, some important key features are not present in this car.  The only credit the car has got is it is very small.  Compared to ford fiesta and Renault duster this car fails in providing comfortable driving experience for the driving.  It is irksome to drive in this car.  It has been accommodated for five adults travelling.

Nissan Micra- Nissan’s Groundbreaking Offering for Indian Roads!


Metallic finish and metallic automobile colors gave it a very good finish with appealing look and attractions for the buyers.  Nissan Micra lost in interior designing and exterior outlook as well.  Nothing is attractive for the people.  Nissan is decreasing in value, and it is not attracting consumers any more.  Vibrant colors with dark shades are used for this vehicle, most gaudy colors are used.  Those who love these colors get attracted to it.

Engine and Driving Experience:

Though it is fitted with standard engine it is very noise on move and on start.  It has been provided with tilting steering wheel to accommodate driver to tilt the steering wheel in the suitable manner.  It is perfect for the interior and small ride and inside city drive where the limit of speed is not more than 70 to 80 kms.  But it does not suit where roads are not good it is not comfortable for drivers.

Safety Measures:

Nissan acquired first place when it comes to safety measures.  It has implemented all the necessary safety measures for the driver and passengers equally well so to make their journey safe.  Coming to the point it has got 18 different versions to choose from the safety measures plays a prominent role.   What is important here one may note is the cars are made to compete with other cars but attention not made to provide all the beauty of others cars had.  May these cars belong to budget section is the main reason.  Good mileage is found to be plus point in all these cars.  Totally, one can say it is good within city limits not comfortable for long drive.

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