Mountain Biking As A Form Of Sports

Many countries have wide-open areas that offer beautiful and exciting places. There are different types of terrains on the face of the Earth and some of them can be used to allow us enjoy wonderful mountain biking sessions. There are different types of mountain biking. Cross Country or XC is a very common form and it involves participants riding in a loop or point to point. However, XC racing is considered as a form of sports, instead of common XC, which is usually intended as recreational activities. Free-ride is a do-anything type of mountain biking and it encompasses from walking uphill while carrying the lightweight bike, jumping between large rock boulders and race downhill. In general, freeriding is more demanding physically and more aggressive than typical cross country. Slopestyle is a different type of mountain riding and it combines stunt-ridden, big-air freeride with BMX-like style tricks. Downhill biking is generally simple and it is usually about riding downhill on some specified paths.

It should be noted that downhill racing bikes could requires special bikes equipped with heavier frame tubing, larger brakes and front and rear suspension. Downhill bikes are typically different and they are not usable for pedalled uphill. Because they are heavier, downhill bikes are often shuttled uphill with ski lifts or trucks. Downhill biking is often considered as the more dangerous form of mountain biking and it can be physically more demanding. Downhill bikes could be considered as steep biking, with more than ten feet of drops and large jumps. Downhill racing requires a unique combination of mental control, physical fitness and total body strength. Complete body protection is needed for downhill biking, such as goggles, full-face helmet and kneepads. In more extreme terrain with sharp, jagged rocks; full body suits can be required. Dirt jumping is often used to ride bikes over mounds of dirt. After a “take off”, the bike and the rider could airborne momentarily and land on specified spots. Compared to other forms of mountain biking, dirt bikes could have smaller frame. It could have only rear brake and a single speed setting.

Mountain biking is often associated with injury and there are different manufacturers that provide various protective gears. They can protect our body against various crashes and often useful for dirt jump, freeride and downhill bikers. There are different types of armor and they may range from light pads to full-body protection. In more extreme environment, it is a good idea to wear full-body jackets. Bikers can remove or add some of the plastic plates and padding to provide additional protection. Full-face helmets are often required for some biking events. When choosing such helmets, we should choose those that have more ventilation and lighter.

As a form of sports, mountain biking should be a good way to maintain our good health. Active, young individuals could participate in this form of sports to provide excitement, recreation and physical activities.

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