Most Popular Sight Seeing Visits In Dubai

Most Popular Sight Seeing Visits In Dubai

Life in Dubai is yet to be compared to any other city in the world. From the breath taking sky crappers to the exotic beaches and the manmade island, this city is the most luxurious and currently ranked as the fastest growing in the whole world. According to statistics, Dubai receives up to 100 million tourists annually. Situated in the Middle East, Dubai is the most advanced city in the United Arab Emirates. It popularity is tremendously increasing. Although Dubai’s economy started off due to it richness in oil, today it has become the world’s number one tourist destination. The thriving tourism sector has become its main revenue earner.

Dubai is a desert city, but with the magnificent buildings and infrastructures, you will have a different feel.  So what makes Dubai stand out among the best tourist destinations in the world?

  • The city boosts of the five star hotels almost everywhere in the city. You will be privileged to spend in the most luxurious hotel in Dubai- Burj Al Arab- if only your budget allows you to. However, this does not mean that you cannot be able to get a fit of your budget. Everyone in Dubai is well catered for. Both the rich and the middle class. You will be guaranteed of an extra ordinary treat and experience.

  • The Dubai world. This is an artificial world created in the seas of Dubai. Aerial view of these manmade islands is like a drawing of all the continents in the world. Having everything necessary to make life exciting, these islands are a perfect tourist destination. Ranging from exquisite shopping malls to beautifully designed apartments and hotels, the world is one of its kind. It is actually like a world on its own.
  • You will not have had a feel of Dubai unless you visit the palm islands. These manmade islands are today being referred to as the eighth wonder of the world. They are packed with everything for tourists and locals. The palm tree design formed by the islands is just unbelievably awesome.
  • Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum ruled Dubai for about 46 years. A museum was later started in his name. This was to majorly acknowledge his significance in the growth of Dubai. He was also the father of the current ruler of Dubai. This is only place you will find the true cultural history of Dubai city. A great display of the ancient and latest Dubai is evident here.
  • Having a tour to the deserts is one of the most amazing visits in Dubai. It has been turned into a hub of many activities. This includes skiing in the sand, The sand dune formation creates a unique sight too. If you are a motor sport fanatic then this is the place to be, racing in the desert can be more than fun.

These are just but a few places that you need not to miss out when in Dubai. For more places to visit, click here. Come have fun with your families or friends. You will never regret your stay. You only live once so don’t take chances; enjoy the modified beauty of nature by man.

Michelle Donovan is a New York destination manager who specializes in tropical destinations. Her company covers mostly European and South East Asian tours for American clients.