Melbourne Airport: See Another Great City Down Under!

Melbourne is another great destination for those wanting to travel the Land Down Under. While there are a lot of similarities between the offerings of Sydney and those of Melbourne, there are enough differences to make both places worth seeing. Remember, the Melbourne Airport will have all sorts of choices for getting you to your reserved hotel in Melbourne, but a rented car will allow you the most freedom in deciding when and where to go and how long to stay.
Melbourne Zoo
The Melbourne Zoo is Australia’s oldest and is actually the third oldest in the world. Today, the animals are in bio-climatic zones using landscape immersion to help make their environment at the zoo more like the one they would be in naturally. The Zoo features regular jazz concerts for summer sessions and draws a lot of locals for the jazz sessions.
Melbourne Aquarium
At the Melbourne Aquarium you can take a fascinating journey into the ocean. On the first floor of the aquarium you can see coral atolls, and life as it is at the bottom of the sea. As you climb toward the top of the aquarium the sea animals get larger until you finally meet sharks face to face. Take a trip through the transparent tunnel and you’ll find yourself at the simulator ride. It will give you an idea of what life is like from the fish’s perspective. When you are done being tossed about on the ride, it’s time for lunch at any one of the cafes or restaurants.
It is time for the trips to zoos, museums and aquariums to end because you are in the mood for adventure. Hop in your rental car and head for Funfields! Ascend a mountain and sit on a precariously placed toboggan and zip down the 800 meter long stainless steel track. At Funfields, you control the speed and braking so go as fast as you like! If slightly controlled chaos isn’t exciting enough for you try the go-karts, or the water slides in the summer. There is more to do so don’t limit yourself to a few rides.
The Old Melbourne Gaol
No that isn’t spelled wrong. This is the infamous jail house that opened in 1841 under Queen Victoria’s efforts to deport dangerous criminals to Australia. Although there are tours through the jail during the day, it’s the candlelight tours that take true courage. These spooky tours lead through the areas said to be haunted by the spirit of Ned Kelly hanged in 1880. Bring your ghost hunting equipment, maybe you and Ned can have a conversation!
There is a lot to see in Melbourne. Many of these sights are close enough by, and many have regular tour buses that take you there and back. By far the most convenient way to see Melbourne is in using a rental car to tour the area. So go, see, and enjoy.
This was a guest post left by Aronno, a writer and travel lover. Melbourne Airport, another destination in the Land Down Under. Melbourne Airport offers direct tours, busses and shuttles to your hotel destination and rental cars for those who prefer to take charge of their own vacation time.

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