Marketing Tips For Your Upcoming Garage Sale

A garage sale is the perfect opportunity to get rid of some of our old junk, and make a little cash along the way. Even if you aren’t experienced with the marketing world, you can still have a successful garage sale.

Here are some tips for making your garage sale a success.

Spread the word

This is especially crucial if you live deep in a neighborhood. Those who live on a busy road have the advantage of hundreds of cars driving by, seeing exactly what they have. If you don’t have this advantage, post fliers on busier roads directing people to your garage sale. Post signs with the date of your sale a few days prior to ensure as many people as possible will know when to come.
Spread fliers with the address all around, making it known to everyone of your event. During the summer, there are garage sales on every street, make yours stand out; advertise the best items you have.
Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get others to notice your garage sale. Tell all your friends, and encourage them to invite others as well. Today, social media is one of the best resources for getting the word out. Post when and where your garage sale will be, and the best items you will have. Take pictures and list potential prices for the items.

Organization is key

Even if your garage is a disaster, your garage sale should be organized effectively. Not only to look better to potential customers, but also to help them find what they are looking for. Group objects that are similar, or fall in the same category together.
The way you display your items says a lot about them. Instead of leaving your clothes in cardboard boxes or sprawling them across the lawn, have a rack where you can display clothing. This way, people can go through the clothes for sale just as they would in the department store, making them more likely to make a purchase.
Leaving other items inside cardboard boxes will make it difficult for visitors to look through everything efficiently. If every item isn’t displayed, some may give up looking. You never know if you have exactly what someone is looking for. Arrange everything from books to old children’s toys in a way that everyone can see.
Stores place their most popular items at the front of the isles and on the shelves near eye level. This is used to entice shoppers. You can do this same thing with your own garage sale. Place your best items near the front, where they can easily be seen. Your biggest items will catch the eye of those driving by.

Mark the price

 When people are going through the garage sale, they want to know the price of what they are looking at. Make sure everything is marked with a price tag, making it easy to identify. This will save their time, and yours.
You want to make the price worth your time, but raising it too high will result in you being left with most of your belongings. Don’t overprice your items. Most people try to sell their belongings at about half the original price. This will bring back a good return for you, while also saving others a lot of money.
Be ready to negotiate prices. Most things should be set at a price you are willing to drop down, even if just slightly. People coming to yard sales are looking for the best deal they can get. It isn’t uncommon for them to try and bring you down in price, so be ready to haggle. Don’t allow yourself to lose out completely, but if your true goal is to clean out the garage, be prepared to drop the price. When you set the price, be prepared to drop as high as 30 percent.
Those who are preparing to set up an end of the summer garage sale should be prepared to get the job done right. There are a few marketing tips that will make the job easier, and more productive. By taking the time to set it up right, you will have more success cleaning out your garage, and making a little extra money as well.

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Cassie Costner writes tips on getting the most for your money. She has written for A Plus Garage Door on the most effective ways to organize a garage sale, rearranging the garage, and what to do when your garage door won’t open.

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