Manual vs Electric Garage Doors: The Pros and Cons

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When you make a forward towards the technology arena, then electronic and tech-based equipment are considered to be of utmost essential for paving your way. Modern technology is incomplete without electronic involvement. When it comes to Garage door technological practice, the electronic garage door replaces the manual one. Unlike the manual garage doors, the electronic garage doors are easy to operate.

However, both have a vulnerability to wear down such as the local garage door company remains in demand of the local people. Because the garage doors wear down probably every season of rain. This is what makes you think about hiring an experienced garage door company for service of your garage door.

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Which Garage Door is More Popular?

Electronic Garage Door

When you say that what garage door should be chosen, then a simple answer comes to be in explanation. That is; the popularity depends on the choice and requirement of the customers. Let say, if a customer needs an efficient garage door with high performance, then the electronic garage is what fulfills his expectations. This way, you will render to be having a smart choice for your garage door requirement.

This garage door is more popular in places where the high and designated outlook is required. Such as auto workshop, car service station, beauty salon and homes are the places where the electronic garage door is chosen for its better look and security features.

Manual Garage Door

On the other hand, the simple and traditional garage door which is otherwise known as the manual garage door—is a simple manually operated one. This is operated for the manual work and the simple manual operation goes with this garage door. Thus, you should be considering this garage door for the farmhouse and outhouses, etc.

Another fact which leads the manual garage door to be popular among many people is its affordability. A manual one is more cost-effective as compared to the electronic one.

This is the reason, the majority of the people use the manual garage door as their better approach in terms of affordability and availability of the companies.

As we have discussed the popularity of both of the garage doors in terms of availability and affordability. Now let’s discuss the pros and cons of both of the garage door types.

Pros and Cons of the Electric Garage Door

As a matter of fact every garage door has its pros and cons. This is how, its popularity becomes hit among specific communities. But to understand the sense of adaptability, you need to take the ideas of the pros and cons of the electric garage door.


High-Level Security

This advantage of the electric garage door makes it considerable for the garages. This offers tight security because the motor inside the garage does not rotate after it is turned off. The chain becomes so immovable that a thief despite trying hard cannot move it.

Convenience in Operation

The convenience in operating the garage door renders it to be popular around the people. Unlike manual it has to be opened with just a pushbutton.

Aesthetic Look

Electric garage door poses to be an aesthetic appearance. This looks beautiful in a building.

Good Number of Options

There is a wide range of the electric garage door is available as per your choice. Such as railing, shutter and motor-powered plank door.


Complex Installation

This garage door has a complex installation because of circuit and motor operations.

Limited Technician Availability

When this door breaks down, the availability of the electric garage door mechanic is quite limited and hard to find.

Remote Control Spoilage

The remote control often bears some problems. If it happens so, you will be barred to open unless the remote is fixed again.

Pros and Cons of the Manual Garage Door

Although the structure of the manual garage door is quite simple but still it bears some problems. While it also has many benefits


The first one is its affordability that poses to be its benefit.

Simple Installation

The installation of the garage doors with the manual operation is quite simple.

No Energy Consumption

The garage door does not need the power to be operated so it works regardless of the power outage.

Low Maintenance Requirement

As the manual garage door rarely breaks down due to the simple structure. Thus, low maintenance is required for it.


Uneasy Manual Operation

If someone is with aching arm or hand, a manual garage will be hard for him to open and close.

Outdated Technology

A manual garage door has now been an outdated technology, thus it seems exotic now.

Safety Risks

It is less secured and has security risks for the best home improvement practices.

In conclusion, we reach a point that both manual and electric garage doors have their benefits and disadvantages. It now depends on you whichever you like to have can be adopted as per your choice, ease and affordability.

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