Make A Speedy Breast Reconstruction Recovery With These Awesome New Resources

The thought of living without a breast or a part of it is scary and it affects everyone differently. The choice of a certain technique or procedure might work for one and not for another. Every woman’s body has a unique anatomy. Successful breast reconstruction by Dr. Mark Crispin has been seen over the years and he is the best person to suggest ways to have a speedy recovery after this surgery.

Make A Speedy Breast Reconstruction Recovery With These Awesome New Resources

Usually a mastectomy to treat breast cancer is followed by a reconstructive plastic surgery which helps restore the balance between the breasts by replacing the skin along with breast tissue as well as the nipple. The amount of reconstruction required depends on the size and location of the tumor that has been treated. The surgery will result in changing your appearance but it has psychological impact as well.

The fact that majority of the women who undergo the treatment process for breast cancer are unaware of their breast reconstructive options may be surprising for you. Probably with the exposure we have in this day and age. This is where annual Breast Reconstruction Day (BRA Day) comes in handy, where women are educated about what they are getting into and what options can they avail. If you like, you can visit the Atlanta breast reconstruction centers to know more.

The subject of breast cancer treatment recovery is two pronged with respect to the teams involved. On one side we have the medical team that is composed of several healthcare providers, physicians and nurses; the team who knows how to make tireless efforts to provide the best outcomes for women fighting breast cancer. Recovery from breast reconstruction surgery is difficult and may result in discomfort for the first few days or maybe even a week or so. You will be on pain meds and closely monitored by the hospital staff during your stay. Soon you will be urged to do some activity like moving your arms. The activities does not include any stressful or forceful act such as getting out of bed, pulling yourself up or lifting heavy items. The nurses will do that for you. The days following the surgery will include activities such as sitting on the chair and walking without aid. Your stay at the hospital depends entirely on the severity and intensity of your surgery. But what happens when you go home?

Once you are discharged from the hospital and are at home, you can expect some soreness, bruising and swelling for about two to three weeks. Before you leave, your plastic surgeon will guide you about applying medicine to your sutures, how to bath, change bandages, wound care and more. Majority of women return to routine activities after six to eight weeks of surgery but it may take several more before you can do strenuous exercises. The shape of your reconstructed breast will improve and take shape over several months.

This is why there needs to be a second team in place; the home team which includes the people who the cancer treatment patients are living with. These are the ones who support these women especially when the medical team is not around. So the question that pops in mind is that the medical team is professional and well trained, what about the training and education of the home team? Where is their guidebook? “Breast Reconstruction Planner: Tips to Manage a Speedy Recover” is the answer. It is basically a guide for the patient as well as her family members and their caretakers. This guide helps the home team to manage and plan the ways and methods to a smooth recovery once their loved one has undergone the surgery.

Free for all, the eBook is composed of answers to the questions that come to mind during the recovery period. It also consists of tips and things that will help you become proactive and make the entire process easier. No one is prepared about the outcomes while undergoing a breast cancer treatment process. Since these sort of treatments sound scary enough to even give you goose bumps, imagine how scary the entire process will be for the ones going through it. The objective of the eBook is to make the entire process a little less daunting. Consult with professionals regarding breast reconstruction in Atlanta for more details.

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