Magic Shows: The Secret To Successful Company Holiday Celebrations

Magic Shows The Secret To Successful Company Holiday Celebrations

It’s time for the annual holiday office party, where the company picks up the tab and the boss picks up the secretary and holiday divorce plans are in the making. Every year somebody walks into the boardroom and finds a holiday romance brewing. Somebody drinks too much and gets sick, somebody else is already sick and spreads the germs, and everybody gets angry because all the secrets are out of the bag. With all this fun and good cheer, why on earth would we want to shake things up a bit by trying something new?

Why not change the company holiday celebration this year by hiring magic shows performed by Magical Duda? Instead of the drunken employees being the entertainment this year, let’s hire professional entertainers that will amaze and delight you with magic and laughter. Completely refocus the holiday party into a family affair. Provide goodie bags for the kids, offer simple sandwiches and appetizers, finger foods and punch, eliminate the open bar and create a family friendly gathering.

The days of the closed office party after hours are gone. They weren’t very fun to start with, and they were really awkward the Monday after the party. Don’t you remember trying to erase that vision of Miss Creepy in the low cut dress  showing more than she should? Or Mr. Flag trying to put the moves on any woman under the age of ninety? What about when the new mail room employee decked Mr. Flag when he mistook the long-haired gentleman for a girl?

Pick a new attitude for your holiday office party. Magic shows can be customized to Adult Humour, or Family Fun, Balloon animals, jokes, tricks, card tricks and even wandering magicians. Just because it is the annual office party doesn’t mean it has to be the same old waste of time, make it a fun gathering that is full of happy memories and laughter instead of tears and recriminations.

Focus your party on the fun factor. Leave the boring ties and suits at home and ask everyone to dress casual. Tell them to be prepared to get on the floor and bring several games of twister, or play dodge ball with balloons. Balloon volleyball is another active game that can involve all ages. As the magician prepare balloons and tricks, you can introduce another activity like Pin the Nose on Rudolph. There is always room for candy, bring a few pinatas for popping, too. The teens will appreciate the travelling magicians more than most because it gives them something interesting to ponder while still looking cool and bored. They couldn’t possibly enjoy the other games, too babyish, of course.

Transitioning from an employee’s only after-hours party to a family-fun magic shows party will only take one instance, and then you will hear the employees ask for family fun every year that follows. Everyone spends enough time away from their families; they don’t want to lose precious moments of family time. You want your employees to know you appreciate their efforts, that’s the point of the holiday party. Put the two objectives together and you have grateful employees and their family members, a win-win situation for everyone.

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