Luxury Autumn/Winter Design Trends For 2020

Luxury Autumn/Winter Design Trends For 2020

It’s been quite a year in 2020 and what that was definitely unexpected. Summer hasn’t exactly been what we’ve been used to in the past. Rather than heading out with shorts and sunglasses to our local beer garden, we’ve had to resort to wearing the same outfit in our back garden instead.

COVID-19 has really changed how we’ve lived in the last few months but with us having to stay indoors it might have also been a blessing in other areas. For example, you may have taken up a home project and invested time into your home interior. Well, there’s no reason to stop now with Autumn/Winter coming just around the corner.

To stay on top of the latest interior design trends for the remainder of 2020, we take a look at some of the latest design trends for Autumn/Winter that you can incorporate into your own home. Especially if lockdown restrictions remain, we may not get the chance to head outside and enjoy the winter season so why not bring the outdoors, inside.

Boucle is the new one in town

There’s nothing more exciting in the interior design world than discovering new trends for you to try. Well, there’s another new face on the market in the form of Boucle. Described as a teddy bear type texture, Boucle brings a real cosiness to your interior that suits the Autumn/Winter trend perfectly. There are a variety of home stores across the country that are introducing this texture into their ranges, making it an easy home project this fall.

Travelling the world

See yourself as a bit of a traveller that enjoys experiencing cultures around the world? Well, this world inspired trend for 2020 is sure to be the one for you. Taking inspiration from travel and global influences, there are plenty of world-inspired pieces available that can be added to your living space. Some of the collection includes animal print cushions, eye catching ceramics and unique lighting designs that can bring a real bold feel to your home.

Keeping cosy in the country

A timeless interior design trend that’s staying for AW20 is the popular classic country look. Commonly used in country houses and small cottages, there’s every reason you can also incorporate it into your own home as it’s easy to match for any property. We’re expecting some slight changes to the trend this year with colour themes such as sage greens and earthy tones likely to be the choices. 

Rich and bejewelled

If you’re really looking to make a luxury statement with your interior design this year then there’s nothing more luxurious than embracing rich and jeweled tones. This style of interior design trend is extremely heavy with the fabrics and uses darker colour themes to create a moody atmosphere. To really emphasize the rich and bejewelled theme requires a statement piece of furniture that really stands out, such as a luxury coffee table. Colours such as teal, burgundy or burnt orange are a great choice for this, and then you can accessorize with velvet furnishings to finish off the trend.

Scandinavian influence

There’s been a bit of a makeover for the Scandi range this year and we really like what it has to offer! The primary colours are the choice for this look as they look to stand out boldly and make a great contrast against the aspect of your room. For this to work, you’ll require minimal designs to ensure the colours remain the focal point and statement paint techniques are a must. From a graphic interior design point of view for this style, consider the contours and lines within your space and how you’ll look to incorporate pieces into the style. This can really help certain pieces complement each other.

Grandmillenial trends

If you thought certain designs were outdated, the Grandmillenial trend is here to bring them back. It looks to incorporate past trend pieces and fit them seamlessly against modern and contemporary settings within your home. There are several designs within this that can work for the collection as you mix retro with new, floral with stripes and accessories that highlight the past to bring absolute nostalgia for many of the older generations. Also, be sure to highlight any features that come across interesting within your home to really bring this trend to life.

Being equipped for Autumn/Winter 2020

Interior design can be something that you can change all year round. If you want to embrace the seasons ahead, your next stop is to update your style with any of the trends above for the Winter season. It’s likely to be another cold year up to December, so why not embrace it to its fullest and give your home a little makeover.

If we’re expected to spend the Autumn season indoors due to the current circumstances, we might as well make it a cosy one as we add the odd boucle chair in our living room, world inspired pieces in the dining room or statement pieces in the bedroom that are each part of the Autumn/Winter collection in 2020.

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