Looking Past Diamonds

The infamous Marilyn Monroe sang, “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.” In my experience, this is pretty much a fact. The majority of married and engaged women, past and present, sport this strong, beautiful gem more than any other. However, none of this means they are the finest of fine. Don’t get me wrong, diamonds are shiny and not too bad on the eyes, but there are other dazzling gems and minerals that offer more creativity and expression than the finest diamond jewelry.

If you’re new to the world of crystals and gems, you’re probably wondering what other options are out there. It can be overwhelming, but let’s start by looking at the different types of fine stones.  If you’re hooked on diamonds, I suggest getting a jewelry safe that matches the blue tiffany box your ring came in. Owners of diamonds or any other kind of jewelry that own a safe will feel more relaxed knowing their keepsakes, heirlooms, and fine jewelry are protected.

Looking Past Diamonds

What’s the difference between Crystals, Gems, and Minerals?

Minerals are the building blocks of crystals and gems. A crystal is a mineral occurring naturally and a gem is a mineral crystal that has been cut and polished. Most jewelers use gems. For the most part, any crystal can be cut into a gem and there are hundreds of different kinds of crystals.

To keep it simple, I narrowed it down to these 10 crystals that I find to be the most beautiful and best for jewelry.

·         Amber

·         Lapis Lazuli

·         Aventurine

·         Chrysocolla

·         Malachite

·         Pietersite

·         Laboradite

·         Purple Sugilite

·         Tigers Eye

·         Ametrine (Citrine & Amethyst)
An exclusive thing about these crystals is the fact that each one has a unique color and pattern. We all have our favorite colors, so why settle for a pretty but colorless diamond? Take a step away from the ordinary and add some color to your life! Diamonds are known as the crème de la crème, but widen your horizons and do your research on all the other options available when thinking about investing in jewelry.

How do you choose the Right Stone?

I tend to believe most stones will come to you in a sense or you’ll be drawn to a specific one. You can also focus on the properties of stones or areas in which you want to focus on in your life. Some people use crystals as healing agents, for example, you might be having trouble sleeping so you can look up which crystals help with insomnia or restlessness or you can simply focus on what catches your eye.

When you can’t figure out what crystal or gem you want, use this helpful blog to lead you in the right direction. If you’re not into all the woo-woo belief system, who cares! Crystals come from the earth and therefore are a universal commodity.

Don’t be a square and settle for a diamond when there are so many other beautiful options such as these that are from a company works with recycled gold and silver and is dedicated to socially and environmentally sourcing their jewelry responsibly.

Are you Still Set on Diamonds?

Lucky for you, a lot of high end jewelers are beginning to incorporate both diamonds and crystals to create a unique look of raw and smooth. It’s wearable art and sculpture! As New York-based designer Kara Ross says, referring to a piece of jewelry, “‘You can look at it throughout the day and it can remind you of travel or a certain moment or person. That, to me, is what makes it art.”

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