LG Appliance Repair: How To Avoid Repairing For Your LG Refrigerator

LG Appliance Repair How To Avoid Repairing For Your LG Refrigerator

A refrigerator is the most used electrical appliance in the kitchen and the greatest user of energy. Although LG is a trusted brand and its refrigerators are most efficient, they also need proper care and maintenance. You cannot depend on an appliance to work flawlessly without taking care of it. LG Appliance Repair is not easy. Use the following tips to avoid any expensive repairs for your LG refrigerator:

Clean the condenser coils at least twice a year

The condenser coils remove the heat from freezers and refrigerators. You can find these radiator-like, large coils beneath the fridge or at its back. After a few months of usage, dirt and dust clings to condenser coils, which makes it difficult for them to eliminate heat. This results in increased consumption of energy. You may have to incur heavy expenses later in future if you do not clean these coils regularly. You can refer the user manual to know how to clean the condenser coils of your refrigerator.

Replace or clean the rubber door seal or gasket when required

Gasket refers to the rubber seal outlining the doors of refrigerator and freezer. It becomes loose with time, but people tend to ignore the fact that this is the main component that seals off the warm exterior air. You must clean the rubber seal regularly and replace it whenever needed. They are cheap and easy to replace.


If the frost accumulates on the inner walls of your freezer up to half an inch, you must defrost it manually when your fridge does not have self- defrosting function. Take out all the food from the freezer or refrigerator and switch off the fridge. When the frost melts, clean the fridge and place the food back.

If your refrigerator features self- defrosting, you do not have to do anything. The refrigerator will defrost on its own. You will find water accumulating at the bottom of your freezer or refrigerator. If the water does not evaporate on its own, you need to take it out of the pan.

Keep the refrigerator at optimum settings

You must keep your refrigerator at optimum temperature settings to enhance its life. Setting it at too low or too high will affect its performance and make it work harder to maintain the temperature.

Keep the freezer full

Your freezer works at its best when it is filled with frozen foods. It is better for a freezer to circulate minimum amount of air. This means that your refrigerator keeps the air cooler and run on lesser energy.

Keep the refrigerator doors closed

Do not be careless while you take out food from the refrigerator. If you are not taking out or keeping anything in the fridge, keep its doors closed at all times. It is better to keep your refrigerator organized so that you do not have to take much time reaching for what you need. Leaving the refrigerator doors open puts unnecessary pressure on the compressor, which reduces its lifespan.

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