Leaves Are Falling – It’s Gardening Time

Fall is not called that way with no special reason. The biggest change we all witness in this period of year is that trees are changing their spring and summer collection with the protective one for fall and winter. Thanks to the leaves falling period, the whole season is called fall. However, the falling time for leaves means the rising time for all of us who have gardens. As the last leaf has reached the ground, the tree is ready to be treated in any way necessary. Even cutting trees happens in fall and winter, since there is no vegetation.

When it comes to fall and gardening, the duties you have in this period consist of two stages. The first one includes removing the old features and the second one means preparing the grounds for the forthcoming spring.

Leaves Are Falling – It’s Gardening Time

Stage 1

Collect the Leaves

The first stage of the fall garden-grooming process is collecting the fallen leaves. For this activity, you are going to need rakes, a pitchfork and a garden cart. If you have a larger garden with more trees, the leaves collecting task may last for a month. If you do not want your garden to get under siege of leaves, you will have to rake over and over every two or three days. Since this is not actually the most entertaining activity in the world, you could call a couple of friends to help you and then enjoy a barbecue afternoon in the mild fall breeze.

Pull Out the Weeds

If your garden is not only a decorative one, but you also grow vegetables in it, this is the right time for getting rid of the weeds that have been strangling your paradise garden. By pulling out or cutting the weed (although pulling out is more efficient in terms of future), you will make the garden more walker-friendly in the period with high precipitations, which fall usually is, so that your family does not get their feet wet when passing through the garden. The second benefit from removing the weeds is the fact that you will have a clear area when the snow melts down and you will be able to shovel it and plant whatever you like there.

Stage 2

Cut the Trees

After you are done with the ground-related works, you can move to larger bites. One such task is cutting the trees you consider too old or in any other way unnecessary in your garden. Also, if you do not want to take down the whole tree, but would rather remove a branch or two, fall is the right period for that, as well. A handy tip for those who decide to cut a tree is that you should place an ad and offer the cut tree(s) for sale. You could earn a dime or two and someone could use it for winter heating.

Manure – Soil Cure

In order to prepare the ground for the next season, treating the soil with manure in fall is the most important task that a serious garden-holder should do. As experts from Garden Design Sydney suggest, you could also prepare compost in advance and combine these two features on different parts of the ground in order to get your garden ready and fruitful for the spring season.

Author’s bio: Dan Radak is VPS security and Hosting generaly specialist.  Lately he is interested in landscape architecture. You can reach him on Twitter.

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