Laundry Tips For Making Your Workout Gear Last Longer

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Your workout gear should last for long time as these are very expensive. As for your part you should properly wash them. You should make sure that there is no stain left on them or else it will make them look bad. Different laundry tips that you need to follow for making your workout gear last longer includes following –

Giving your workout gear a good soaking time –

If you want to prevent bad odor from your workout clothes then best option for you is to pre-soak these clothes in four parts water – one part vinegar, soak them in it for half an hour. Then pit in lemon juice, baking soda and little vinegar into rinse cycle if you want to protect your clothes from any kind of smell.

Wash in cold water –

Elastic of your workout gear might become loose if you put it in extreme heat and hence it is advisable to wash your workout clothes in cold water. You should never wash your Lycra clothing with rougher fabrics like wool or cotton as it may result in pilling. This is very useful money saving laundry tip because if you do not use hot water you are saving money on utilities.

Turn your workout clothes inside out –

It is best way to keep colors your workout gear bright and it also helps in cleaning clothes thoroughly as all dead skin cells and swear tend to accumulate on insides of your workout clothes. Even during wash cycle, your workout clothes will not be subjected to garment to garment snags as your clothes are inside out. For more info visit Fabletics on Instagram.

Wash sport bras with hands –

If you are washing your workout gears; you should hand wash your sports bra but if you do wash it with the rest of your clothes then fasten its hook and put it inside the mesh bag. You should never put your sports bra in dryer as it can break down fabric fibers and wrap its shape, therefore you should wash your sports bras with your own hands.

Wash your socks with hands –

You should hand wash your grippy socks or wash them inside out but remember not to toss them in dryer. The heat of the dryer can make grips become more brittle eventually making it fall off.

Use less soap –

It is considered as a counterproductive tip but using half the amount of soap then generally using it can make your workout gears last longer. As these workout clothes are made with sweat wicking fabric, you need to ensure that soap solution can successfully penetrate into all fibers clothes have.

Air or tumble dry –

There are different options for drying workout gears which includes hanging it on clotheslines, tumble drying your workout clothes or using a drying rack but never put them in direct heat or heat will damage elastic your clothes have making them look saggy which can become very annoying. Hence it is important that your clothes dry in open air. The moisture wicking fabric of workout gears can dry more quickly in open air.
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