How To Kick Start Your Toddler’s Early Learning Process


Have a little one who is already up and about driven by curiosity to learn new things? You will be happy to know that you can kick start their early learning process.

From the moment they leave the womb, kids learn every single day about the outside world. Home is the first place children learn things, and they learn the most from their parents. It goes without saying that it is your duty to start teaching your kid everything they need to know as soon as possible.

Show them By Sense

Quite early, parents notice that their young ones are attracted to smells and taste. This is because babies are visual learners, and they love to feel, smell and touch.

Craft play using textured items like pasta, sandpaper, and cotton balls can help kids learn letter-forming. With help from parents, they can use these items to create letters.Being able to feel the shapes helps a child associate the shapes with the letters.

Eventually, they can learn to read out letters with your help as well as write once they master the full use of their wrists and fingers.

How To Kick Start Your Toddler’s Early Learning Process

Teach them to Use their Hands and Feet

Little tots have to learn how to use their hands and feet to walk to become independent. Multiple movements involve the hands and feet, which once your child masters they can get around and learn more about the world around them.

Development is an individual process, but you can help your child start using their hands by playing with large blocks and modeling clay.When it comes to walking, you can get a baby walker for your tot who is already standing up and climbing the stairs.

The younger pre-walking tots are not left out; with a baby jumper loaded with activities, your little one can learn, listen to music and learn languages as well.

Help them Organize

It is never too early for any child to pick up on some organization skills. Organization is something that parents can directly help their little ones learn.

The best way to start with teaching you child organization is by having them store away their toys after play. It is an easy and simple way to teach your child that everything has its place within your home.

As they grow and leave toddlerhood, teach your kid how to store their laundered clothes and have them help out with putting away dishes after washing. Label items around the house so that your little one knows where everything has a place where it belongs.

Take Learning to the Streets

To get some fresh air and for a change of scenery; get your child outside the house for a visual learning lesson.

Point out places and things like flowers, supermarkets, gas stations, dry cleaners and fire stations to your young one. Tell your baby what they are and if they are at the talking age have them repeat it. Make it as engaging by explaining to your tot more about the places and what people do at these locations.

For reinforced learning, get index cards with images of the popular places you visit. After visiting these places show your child the index cards and have them name the places.

Sing and Dance

Singing and dancing with your toddler is one of the most fun and engaging learning activities.

Singing helps to develop your baby’s vocabulary and use of words. Get some of the favorite song DVDs and sing along to popular tunes such as ‘the Alphabet song.” Sing while in the car or when performing house chores for reinforced learning.

Dancing helps young ones who are learning how to walk to balance better. It is also a good way to get your tot moving around.

Learning is a never-ending process, and little ones start learning earlier on. Parents can help kick start their children’s learning process at home with the methods discussed above.

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