Key Points For Living Room Ground and Wall Renovation

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Living Room Ground Renovation

1. The Selection of Ground Decoration Material

We should first decide the decoration material of living room ground. The available ground decoration material for living room has marble, ceramic tile, flooring, carpet etc. Ceramic tile and wooden flooring are two common decoration option used in living room. Some people have the doubt of which one is better? In fact, there is no answer for this question. Different material has different merits and defects. People should choose the right material according to actually needs of your home.

Key Points For Living Room Ground and Wall Renovation

Interior design style and budget should be considered when choose ground decoration material. Besides, antifouling performance of material should also be considered. Meanwhile, skid resistance is another essential point for selecting living room ground decoration material. Kids and senior, pregnant is also the user of living room. Personal safety should be considered when having renovation. Learn living room decoration ideas here.

2. Leveling of Living Room Ground

Most people have floor in living room. Leveling is an unavoidable step before installing ground decoration material. There would be bulging, warping and crack phenomenon on tile, floor if the ground is not flat.

Living Room Wall Renovation

1. Selection of Wall Decoration Material

The wall decoration of living room is similar to other rooms. What needs to pay attention is that we usually do not paste ceramic tile on the whole wall of living room, but paint and wallpaper are often applied on the whole wall. Design style and budget are the determinant for brand, variety and color of wall decoration material.

2. Decoration of TV Background Wall

Because of angle of view, wall becomes the decoration key point of living room. But decorating four walls in the same is not impressive. Therefore, accent wall come into being. The accent wall in living room is often the wall behind TV. Homeowner can decorate the TV background wall according to their preference. The decoration material for background wall is varied. We can divide them into common background wall materials and special background wall materials. Paint, ceramic tile, TV cabinet, decorative picture, photo are common decoration materials used in background wall. Wood material, stone, glass and hand painting is special decoration option for TV background wall. The construction of these materials is complicate.

3. Decoration of Sofa Background Wall

Except TV background wall, the wall behind sofa also worth to have special decoration. But the decoration of sofa background wall should not usurp the status of TV background wall. There is only one visual center in living room. Common decoration form of sofa background wall is decorative picture, photo frame, wallpaper etc. Feng shui is another element people should consider in decoration, check feng shui taboos for decorating sofa background wall.