Karachi Restaurants Moving To Modern Order Placement Android App

It is a fact that in Pakistan the restaurant business is on the fast track to success and specifically the restaurant business is rising high. According to business news within a few years of time innumerable food chains and restaurants have been started and they did remarkable job. Hence this business is quite booming in the country.  Karachi Restaurants Moving To Modern Order Placement Android App

Every restaurant tried their own idea to sell the business in a diff new way; either a unique ambiance is created, unique food or food names have been used etc. luckily all of them worked wonders. Now that we are living in the age of ultimate technology, there is no business without the cutting edge technology. Business news that has been rumored around is that now the restaurants are all set to utilize the digital power for the placement of orders. In this manner time will be saved and staff will be able to accommodate more customers. Also self-ordering would be more entertaining or you can say “change is always good”. This will also attract many customers because they just do not have to look up to the waiters rather than that they can quickly place their orders within no time. Consequently when you visit charcoal tea, at the main Tariq road, the next time you will be using digital platforms or internal order instead of waiting for the waiters to come up to you. Simply you will require using the QR sticker that is already pasted on the table to complete the order.


There is an application for that which is android based and its name is “KHAWO”. The customer/visitors will scan the code and a pop up menu will open with different categories and you can choose the food that sets according to your appetite and then place the order then & there. No hassle and you can enjoy your time. The need to call upon the waiter would be simply omitted and they will have no involvement in placing orders. The menu contains precise information of the prices that will reduce the chances of complaints of overcharging or so. The basic purpose of this mobile application as told by the founder is to confiscate unnecessary long wait in restaurants.

The co-founder Farrukh Hanif of this amazing app “”KHAWO” giving out this business news to various new channel said “The app will remove the unnecessary wait between food items and customers. Sometimes, restaurants are short of order-taking and delivery staffers, especially during the peak lunch hours at restaurants near and around offices.”

Charcoal tea owner Mr. Muhammad Qasim told the media personnel that this app is doing great for their restaurant as customers responded positively to it, furthermore he told that they have requested the app development team to add in more features like “home delivery orders” as well.

“It is a brilliant app that we installed recently, though it might take couple of weeks to our customers to get used to.” Mr. Muhammad Qasim said while addressing the media.

As the app is getting famous for its utilization and convenience more and more restaurants are turning their heads towards it. Lately in business news “Fibbi (restaurant located in Bahadurabad) is planning to install the app to make the internal order placement system automated.

The co-founder Mr. Farrukh Hanif also said that renowned restaurants in defense, Clifton, Tariq Road & Bahadurabad are showing their interest in the app. “Currently, the app is in its testing phase. Soon, you will see some big names in Karachi moving on the app. The app would also enable restaurants to develop their customer database and perform analyses on the data.”

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