Interior Design Trends 2022

Interior Design Trends 2022

We all spend time pining over other people’s interior’s on Pinterest or Instagram, but with these trends, it’s easy to make your house dreams a reality. Most of these trends can be incorporated into your house on a tight budget as you can choose from minimalistic wall hangings right through to new sofas. Whatever your budget or taste, you will find something here for you. 

Warm Elements

Of course, neutral hues are by no means a new trend, but over the last few years, greys have been in the spotlight. Fear not, as this year, beige is making a comeback. There’s something about warm hues that make a house feel like a home. Combine an earthy feature wall with other toasty warm tones to bring a real sense of calm to your home. For something a bit more unique, pair your warm hues with pops of colour, perhaps a red throw, to brighten up the neutral colour palette. The Dulux Colour of the Year 2022 was Spiced Honey, a warm amber tone which is both calming and vibrant, depending how you choose to work with it. Warm colours are back and here to stay.

Hints of Floral

Although floral patterns aren’t for everyone, they have an ability to bring brightness and positivity from outside into your home. Go bold with statement pieces such as a feature wall or tone it down slightly with a trio of floral prints for your walls. Use inspiration from your garden to really uplift your home. If you aren’t quite ready for the floral patterns, try hexagon wall planters with either real flowers and succulents, or fake flowers which can look extremely realistic these days. You will have a statement piece of art whilst also bringing in a teeny bit of floral inspiration, or you can stick to a timeless classic and browse ​​cheap bedding sets with floral designs on them! 

Say Hello to Green

Speaking of bringing the outside in, indoor plants will never go out of style. They purify the air and can help to contribute to a sense of calm and relaxation. Pair your indoor plants with elements of green in your home. Emerald green accent chairs bring a pop of colour or go all out with a green accent wall. Many people don’t think of green as a typically attractive colour, but the stunning hues available on the market are completely changing the game.

Pink Hues

This trendy colour palette has had a lot of attention over the past two years, with it making its way into furniture shops and stunning showrooms. It is used for fabrications all over the industry. We’re certainly not talking about bright Barbie pink’s here, but incorporating muted and subtle pink tones within your home will ensure you are right on-trend. It could be a simple rug with hints of pink, accompanied by blush velvet cushions on your sofa. 

Art Deco

With bold geometric patterns, vibrant colours and luxurious materials, choosing to go art deco with your home is bang on-trend. The pure opulence that you can achieve with art deco will leave you with a chic home. Go ‘Gatsby’ with black and gold, and when this is combined with a striking colour palette for a luxury dining table, you will have a sophisticated and funky feel to your home. For a slightly toned-down approach to art deco, add bold elements to otherwise more subtle rooms. Try bold curtains with a cool grey background or a simple living room with a statement rug and accent cushions. 

Matte Black

Whether you’re looking at furniture, lighting, flooring, tiles or appliances, by opting for matte black, you’re going bold. Of course you need to be careful not to overdo it with this dramatic style, but certainly make reference to the trend with some hints of matte black. Pendant lights over your breakfast bar will ensure a chic yet subtle addition or tall kitchen stools will also have a big impact.

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