Interesting Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Friends

To some people, it is quite disheartening if they are away from their partner for any reason- outstation job, family commitments etc. While you can very well send the Valentines Day gifts to your soul mate through online delivery services, the most challenging part is to enjoy the day to the fullest. There is no reason to feel low, you can still enjoy the day with your friends. If you do not have a plan yet, here are some ideas to explore if you are in Gangtok on 14 February.

Group Outing During the Day Time can be Hilarious Experience 

Gangtok is full of lovely tourist spots to visit with a group of friends. You can go to the Nathula Pass, Flower Exhibition Center, Seven Sisters Waterfall etc. Avoid going to temples or other religious places on this day. The scenic beauty of these places will fill your heart and eliminate the stress of daily hassles.

How About a Movie Date

If you are free in the afternoon or the evening on this day, try to plan a movie date. Everyone is aware of the big releases so do not miss the opportunity to enjoy it with friends.

Buying Exciting Gifts for Your Partner and Friends

Many people have a long list of recipients to send gifts on 14 Feb. There is no reason to worry; you can use some spare time to find suitable items online. If you are on a tight schedule on this day, it is better to order valentines day gifts to Gangtok well in advance so that the parcels reach the receivers at the right time. You can order anything from marble art pieces, utility items in brass, silver plating, diaries, wallets, watches and so much more.

Partying at a Friends’ House

It is an exhilarating moment when more than five or even some twenty people have a dinner party together. There is lot of fun, joking, chats, card games and what not. You can open up your heart and share the feelings. If you are attending such a party, do not forget to take some gift or at least a flower bouquet for the host of the dinner. Some people (mainly adults) may also order some gourmet baskets full of chocolates, wine, and sweets for the party.

Organize the Barbeque Dinner Party on the Terrace or Lawn Garden

Give a break to ordering food from a local restaurant. Engage in some classy cooking for an exceptional group activity. If you have a barbeque grill oven, prepare everything with friends to try it this year. While it takes some time for the meat to cook, you can enjoy rock or jazz style music. Do not forget to order a cake to make your celebrations memorable.

Do you still think that the Valentine’s Day is only for the couples? Now that you might have changed the perception entirely, try out these ideas. In Gangtok, people are in high spirits on this day and the tourist places are densely crowded. With friends around, there is no reason to feel lonely. Amid the outing and partying, do not miss the chance to contact your partner on a phone call or if possible on a video chat.