Increase Your Happiness With More Positive Thinking

Time flies rather quickly, leaving most of us far behind when it comes to achieving happiness and fulfillment in life. If this sounds like you, stop and take a deep breath, then start making some positive changes in your life. Ones that will lead to greater happiness, and make life more worthwhile for you.

Does Thinking Positive Actually Make A Difference?

Despite sounding cliche or unscientific, there is actually a major scientific power at work in positive thinking, and that is your own mind. Scientists have proven the connection between your mental assessment of a situation, and that assessment’s influence on it. In other words, your own take on a situation can change it, without you even realizing it.
Hence, if you believe you are going to have a great day, your subconscious will immediately agree, and take subtle action to see that it really happens. The same can apply to your happiness, so long as you convince yourself you can achieve it, and understand that you completely deserve it!

So, What Is Everyone Saying About You?

Other people’s perceptions of us are often a burden, and we take it on unnecessarily. Most of the time, nobody is really thinking negatively about you, nor should this be such a priority. So long as you are not going out of your way to be rude or hurtful, it really doesn’t matter what anyone is thinking or saying. Taking people’s opinions to heart so severely is detrimental to your ability to think positively about yourself, and to maintain a healthy outlook on life in general. Learning to let this go can actually make you more likeable!

Can Easing The Stress In Your Life Lead To More Happiness?

Being busy all the time doesn’t just wear out your body, it takes a toll on your soul as well. Stress is a major contributing factor to disease, early death, and plain old misery in our lives. To fit more positive activity into your day, organize your time better. Prioritize things, and include making yourself happy on your to-do list each and every day. Easing stress makes way for rejuvenation and contemplation, both of which will empower you to better living, and thus, greater happiness.

How Does Helping Others Help You?

Few things heal, strengthen, and please us more than giving to others. While the greediest people may disagree, it’s actually human nature to lend a hand to others, and because of that, the act is self-sustaining. When you help those around you, you are automatically infused with positive energy, and an improved disposition. Make a habit of being selfless and giving, and you’ve won half the battle to happiness!

Have You Learned To Accept Things That You Can’t Change?

This is a major obstacle to positive thinking for millions, and will always keep happiness at arm’s length. Sit down and analyze the amount of control you actually have over something, and if you can change it for the better than do so, but if not: So be it! Try to forget about it, or adapt yourself in healthy ways that allow you to work around it. Struggling with things we are powerless over is futile, and self-destructive. Focus instead on what you can control, and on making that better.

Do You Focus On What Really Matters To You?

Much of our time is spent taking care of others, and meeting obligations. While constantly taking care of the kids, the boss, spouse, or working to pay the rent and life’s other necessities, we often lose sight of the things that lead to our own happiness. If you can successfully eliminate some of the stress in your life, then use your new found relaxation as an opportunity to focus on the self. Take the time to contact old friends, renew interests in hobbies, or even seek out new and exciting activities that teach you about yourself, and help you get more out of life.

Life is too short to be poisoned by negativity; keep that toxin out of your life, and learn to be more positive. The payoff will be greater happiness and more enjoyment out of life, and in the end, that’s what truly matters.

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Vega Francesca always is a psychology major graduate from Cal State Los Angeles. She writes for different blogs about psychology and self-help. She is currently working closely with ConsciousInk, a company with the goal to spread positivity through encouragement temporary tattoos.

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