Increase The Aesthetic Value Of Your Home: A Few Ways For Doing So

Increase The Aesthetic Value Of Your Home: A Few Ways For Doing So

We were staying in California but all of a sudden my husband got transferred to Iowa. So, we all had to shift in 2 months (2 months obviously weren’t enough to pack goods, move them to a new city, and sell the house). But we had to do everything within 2 months. We listed our house online for selling and also advertised on the newspaper.

Though our house was located in a posh location, the offered prices were not matching with our expectations. Then one of our neighbors suggested us a few ways to increase the aesthetic value of the house that would help us receive better price for our house.

Remove the clutter: Jack (our neighbor, in case you wonder) suggested us that one of the best ways to create a positive impression on people’s mind is cleaning the house. So, what I did was gather all the belongings in my house together and divided into two categories – 1) important and 2) not so important. I arranged for a trash bag and threw all the unnecessary things in it.

Clean the house: The first thing what buyers usually notice in a house is cleanliness. They check out every nook and cranny of the house. So, when time came to display the house to the buyers, I made sure to scrupulously clean it. My kid was then 4 years old and had the habit of writing on walls with lipstick and ink. I removed those stains from the walls by using a good cleaning agent or a mixture of ammonia, soda, and water. I also cleaned the cabinets by using good cleaning product. Since my cabinets were made of painted wood, I used a solution of dish soap liquid and warm water. To clean my hardwood flooring, I mopped the floor regularly by using a solution of gentle liquid detergent and warm water.

Increase the curb appeal: A well manicured lawn, trimmed landscaping, clean and decorative walk-way, interior wall systems can add more value to your house.

Incorporate storage unit: Since my kitchen is small in size, I installed cabinets on the walls and under the sink in order to store jars, grocery, utensils, cleaning agent etc. I also installed open shelves on the walls to store jars and stacking dishes.

Floors: To add a fresh look to the house, I also replaced old, worn out floors with new french oak hardwood flooring. Since I was extremely happy and satisfied with hardwood flooring, I wanted to use the same this time. The only thing I did was change the pattern and style. I chose a new pattern of design, keeping the overall home decor in my mind. However, you may choose to use laminate flooring, vinyl tile flooring, carpet flooring or bamboo and cork.

These are some of the important things I did to increase the aesthetic value of the house and get good price from potential buyers. If you are also planning to sell your house, follow these tips rather than only listing the house online.