Improve Yourself by Projecting The Nature In Your House

Living in a green house is not required to boost your alter ego with a unique natural environment. It`s just enough to project the nature in your home during the next house renovation and there are plenty of interesting ways to do it. Next are a couple great hints.

1) Take advantage of the “green” tips. They may include a complete reorganization of the way of living in order to create a truly green environment at home. Or else, these are some tips that include only a few small changes, because the true green charm of your home may hide in the small details. For instance, let`s take the decorative candlesticks, which can be altered with green leafs, herbs or other natural elements like stones and wooden sticks. Another great green idea is to paint the walls with green natural motifs like a huge tree for the kids` room or make a real treetop house right in the kids room with the wall painted like a tree on a background.

2) A couple of energy efficient tips are always useful too, because they help living in a greener manner. From energy efficient lamps to central heating by solar energy and natural wood for the house decoration – use the natural materials during the house renovation. One they will keep your house clean for a longer time and two – they will keep your house warm due to the heat absorbing qualities of the natural wood. Actually, use wooden objects everywhere – wooden vases, wooden shelves, cabinets and cupboards, wooden furnishings and more.

Improve Yourself by Projecting The Nature In Your House

3) Use only eco-friendly detergents and agents when cleaning. A beautiful house means a properly maintained house, so you should make a schedule for deep cleaning. If you add eco-friendly detergents in the cleaning machines that you use, you will definitely get a better effect with no risk of damaging the textures or the colors of the surfaces. Not to mention the pleasant natural aroma from the eco-friendly detergent, which itself plays a great role as a deodorizer, especially if you use a detergent that imitates scents from the nature.

4) Natural decoration ideas:

– Change the main lamps in the rooms with chandeliers or with other bigger coverings for the lamps. It comes to coverings with a unique natural framed construction, which projects natural elements on the walls in the form of shadows. From branches and leafs in the woods, to animals and other natural themes – try to find the perfect lamp coverings for your taste and style.

– Make yourself an entire green wall. This is one of the best ways to save space when gardening at home, but if you place the “vertical garden” on the right place and with the right size – you can achieve a truly unique impression that one gets from just walking through the room. The vertical garden is also much easier for maintenance and cleaning, because there are no pots on the ground. There are three main types for planting in vertical orientation – in different modules, in a large frame construction or on standing objects.

– Introduce plenty of natural fragrances right after deep cleaning your house.

– New green curtains and rugs from natural materials or ones that imitate natural textures. Even a thin and a very large box with sand should play a great role for projecting the beach right in your house.

– Hang baskets with flowers on the walls.

– Pots everywhere. From edibles to exotic trees and fruits – there are pots for a vast array of natural highlights.

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