If You Get A New Puppy, Get It Trained

Having a new puppy in a home brings with it happy times and not so happy times. The not so happy times may come when the puppy if not trained and it tends to soil or cause a mess in the home. Getting your puppy trained on the get-go will save you a lot of heartache in the long run. Look to dog trainer service providers such as Victoria Dog Training in case you are unable to do the training yourself or wish to utilize professionals.

If You Get A New Puppy, Get It Trained

How can you Train your Puppy?

There are a number of tips to teaching your puppy to do what you want without stressing it. First and foremost, don’t punish your puppy for doing it even when you don’t catch him. This happens when you arrive at the scene when it has already created a mess. You rather surprise the puppy every time it’s about to create a mess at less than desirable places so it learns not to do so.  Secondly, whenever your puppy does the deed in the right spot or when it gets aspects of its training right, then a reward or praise does come in handy.

Much as there are a number of ways to housetrain your puppy, the first basic is to start inside. With this method, make use of papers or pretreated pads and encourage the puppy to use them as its bathroom. You can ensure that they actually use the designated spot when you take them to it wherever you notice it is walking around and sniffing the floor to go to the bathroom.

In case you need to train the puppy to go outside, when the paper training is done on the inside of the house, you can then move them closer to the door and another set outside. You will then gradually encourage the puppy to go on one particular spot outside.

Another method is to utilize a crate. This is especially useful when the puppy cannot be watched. Because dogs don’t like to soil where they sleep, make sure that the crate is just enough to be slept in. Ensure that you take the puppy to the designated spot for helping itself before placing it in the crate. In addition, ensure that no food or water goes into the crate. With time, you may be able to leave the dog out of the crate for longer as it grows and is able to do the right thing.

Since it may take a bit of time and lots of patience to train your puppy, you might wish to look to a dog trainer such as Tomey K9 Services to help you along.