Identify and Get Rid Of Cyber Attacks Even Before The Hackers Can Exploit The Data

Identify and Get Rid Of Cyber Attacks Even Before The Hackers Can Exploit The Data

Internet offers companies and prospect to build an online interface to display their services and products and to reach a larger number of clients. Apart from the large scale companies both medium and small scale businesses are also progressively more accepting e-commerce to a reach a broader customer base. But usually the medium and small scale trades largely rely on third party web hosting providers for security of their online channel. These organizations also face financial limitations in securing their networks from all predominant threats in the IT environment which in turn results in cyber-attacks.

Typically, large organizations utilize ethical hacking services to recognize and alleviate susceptibilities in the IT infrastructure. However, because of financial constraints it becomes a bit difficult for the medium and small scale businesses. Sitelock, a renowned name in the website security solutions come up with affordable plans that would allow the small and medium scale industry to benefit. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company was formed with the principle of that the website security solution should no more be a luxurious, unapproachable subject, available only to big corporations with IT departments occupied by engineers. The company has start out to make the website security an easy-to-use service. Sitelock is supported by famous investors with a tradition in offering telecommunications and web resolutions to small businesses. It is operated by experienced security experts trained at MIT, Stanford, Wharton and Caltech.

Identify and Get Rid Of Cyber Attacks Even Before The Hackers Can Exploit The Data

In order to find out if Sitelock offers reliable service or Sitelock Scam, one should preferably go through the reviews in the website to get an idea as to why customers from various walks of life supports this company so much. By protecting more than eight million websites, the company aims to become the number one leader in the industry by offering the clients with the affordable plans without compromising on the quality of the service. The company since its inception has been able to consistently maintain the quality of services provided and that is why it has received 2009 Secure Provider award. The company has also been awarded with the prestigious 2012 Best Places to Work in Arizona award because of the benefits that it offers to the employees of the company.

Sitelock offers services such as:

  • Spam Blacklist Monitoring
  • File Change Monitoring
  • Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring
  • Malware Removal
  • Back Door Protection
  • Access to Engineers to Fix Vulnerabilities
  • Simplified Adaptive PCI Questionnaire
  • Round the clock Phone & Email Support as well as chat support

Small and medium businesses can avail the services of Sitelock in order to keep the confidential information of the clients protected and to increase the return on investment. However, when hiring Sitelock one should take extra precaution as there are Sitelock Scam companies who actually are in motive of making money or to exploit the customer’s important information.

Thus, choose Sitelock to identify and get rid of cyber-attacks even before the hackers can actually exploit the data.

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