How To Throw An Engaging Restaurant Grand Opening

A grand opening is important for the long-term success of every restaurant. This unique business opportunity is a rare time to have fun and involve the community. A restaurant grand opening requires extensive planning and coordination to ensure a successful event. Here are four things that should be done before holding the grand opening.

How to Throw an Engaging Restaurant Grand Opening

Offer a Sneak Peek

Because so many new restaurants open their doors every week, it’s hard for the public to get excited about one more. Hang an eye-catching banner outside that promotes the grand opening. Be sure to entice the public with an enigmatic promise of what’s to come, such as free drinks or prizes. Post a detailed flyer on the windows near the entrance. Offer free dessert or appetizer samples to pedestrians for a few days before the event. Book entertainment and a well-known local celebrity for the official opening. Be sure to use social media platforms to post hints about the upcoming event.

Create Press Kits

Offer the media assembled press kits that come with a menu, press release and fact sheet with alluring photographs of shiny new Budget Restaurant Supply equipment and comfortable dining areas. Photographs should properly reflect the location and dish types as well as the ambiance and price levels. As an added bonus, include favorable reviews from a well-established food critic or well-recognized patron. These should be distributed at least a month before the grand opening. Offer reporters a private tour and exclusive interviews through an invitation that includes a complementary meal.


Look for opportunities to work with nearby businesses through cross-promotion and collaboration. For example, if the restaurant is located near a grocery store, offer to buy products from them in exchange for some free windows advertising. If there is a local flower boutique nearby, have them provide some flowers and ask them to rally their friends to attend. In addition to this, join local organizations such as the chamber of commerce or a business support network. This will establish the restaurant owner as someone who is engaged with the community.

Online Coupons

Coupons are a great way to raise awareness and increase customer engagement. Coupons are an affordable advertising alternative for online and mobile devices. Have guests register in the restaurant for access to exclusive offers at the grand opening, such as free side orders or dishes for children. Popular sites include Coupons, Groupon and Living Social. Coupons are easy to track and even easier to implement.

As an alternative to traditionally printed press kits, create a simple flyer that includes a link to the professionally designed and easy-to-navigate website.

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